A Touching Rendition Of Secret Of Mana

Porting a turn-based role-playing game to the iPhone is simple. Nailing the controls on a classic action RPG like Secret of Mana is another thing entirely. How did Square Enix do?

This is a pretty faithful recreation of the original classic on the iPhone (or iPad, in this case), and the controls are about as responsive as a virtual directional pad and button combo can get. There are certainly cheaper ways out there to experience Secret of Mana, but none are quite this convenient.

Secret of Mana on iTunes


    I have had no desire for an i-device previously.
    But i want one.

    It's frustrating watching this guy mash attack repeatedly for 3 damage, when he should be waiting for his stamina to recharge after each attack.

    It really ticks me that of all the handhelds and consoles out there to remake SoM on, they do it on the iApple range which has the worst controls.

    Those new graphics are what we want, but on a platform with some actual real controls would be nice.

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