So, What's This 'Circle of Mana' Thing Square Enix Has Trademarked?

Being a big fan of co-op games, the original Secret of Mana on Super Nintendo holds a special place in my gaming heart, an organ now covered in an nigh-impenetrable shell of cynicism. It's nice to remember the hours I spent playing it with my brother, he helming the spiky-haired protagonist and me happily behind the controls of the spell-wielding "Sprite".

As a result, despite being a PC gamer, I still get excited by news related to the series, including trademark filings like "Circle of Mana" by Square Enix.

"Circle of Mana" wasn't the only thing the company filed, with "Wizardlings", "Ultima Box" and "Agent 47" also submitted. Gematsu believes "Wizardlings" could be a new title from the US arm of Enix, while Agent 47 is clearly a reference to Hitman and "Ultima Box" likely related to the Ultimate Box for Final Fantasy.

While I'll probably never play "Circle of Mana", it's good to know the "of Mana" series has endured. Fingers crossed it's not a Facebook game.

Square Enix Trademarks Circle of Mana [Gematsu]

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    I thought the Mana series was dead? I played the GBA one and it was pretty good, but Children and Heroes on DS were terrahorrible, and so was the PSOne game. Apparently the PS2 one sucked too.

    To the best of my knowledge, Mana has 3 good games, 2 on SNES and 1 on GBA. But there's a tonne of titles in the series, and you can't rely on old gems to save a dying series. I think I'll give Circle of Mana a miss.

      Haha, what? Legend of Mana (for PS1) was amazing and had some of the most gorgeous graphics in the console . It's branching story, it's multiple mini games, alchemizing, smithing, raising monsters, character progression, battle system, world building... man that game was chock-full of awesome ideas beautifully executed.

        It WAS amazing. Super underrated. But yeah, the DS and PS2 games blow.

        But the combat was on a weird 2D plane. After playing the GBA one I couldn't step back and enjoy it.

    RDR co-op was great fun, too bad it's not on the PC, dust off a console and check it out though.

    Ok square....dont break my heart again...

    Probably just an SkinnerBox Free-to-Play game...

      It's unfortunate, but I agree with you...

    I would love to see this series revived. It's one of my all time favorites. Please do a good job squeenix, It really deserves it.

    I remember going into K-Mart to choose a game and Secret of Mana on the SNES was one of them. It had a $150 price tag on it, so I never got to play it. Used to rent Chrono Trigger often though, had to get the US converter cart to play it. That was epic. Imagine my joy when I discovered emulation years later.

    Secret of Mana is easily in the top 5 games of all time.

    I'd love to see a similar game made for modern systems. If it lived up to the original, I'd buy the required system just for that one game.

    Secret of Mana 1 and 2 were just downright amazing. While we never got our hands on #2, even playing it after the fan-translation was done still amazed me. Legend of Mana I thought was pretty fun too. It wasn't as good as the first 2 but still very enjoyable if you ask me. I never played the GBA one so I can't comment on that one but all the ones after have just swiftly gone downhill. I really hope they can resurrect this series.

    Secret of mana 1 and 2 on super nintendo is part 2 and three in the series, the original was sword of mana on original gameboy, at least it did get released in english officially but under the title final fantasy adventures although it is still a mana game... The GBA release is a remake of the orginal gameboy game but still it is worth paying both as the original while is dated it has some different story elements

    My heart has been well and truly broken with the Mana series. Seiken 2 (Secret of Mana) was an amazing game in its time. It'd aged a bit, but still enjoyable. Seiken 3 (never released officially outside Japan) is 10x better than its predecessor. A lot of people hate on Legend of Mana, but I love it. Although it's very different to the previous games, taken on its own merits, it's quirky, funny and enjoyable. And it has stunning graphics and a beautiful soundtrack.

    Since then, the series has just gone downhill and hasn't shown any signs of climbing up to greatness again. Every time Square announced a new Mana game I would get myself all hyped up, only to be disappointed time and time again. Well, it's not happening this time. Bring on Circle of Mana, Square. But I'm not expecting it to be good. (Please surprise me...)

    I really hope its a new non odd game like hero's of mana (the rts one.)
    dawn of mana was ok but the level resetting once a area is done stunk. legend of mana was decent but I disliked the ps1 as I hated the loading times. children of mana I liked. Secret of mana was the reason why I bought a iPhone they should have made the IOS game what secret of mana was originally not the watered down cartridge version. Provided it isn't a rts shooter etc and it's a jrpg I'll be getting it :)

    I'm excited about this!

    Granted, there have been some disappointments in the Mana series - Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana were quite a let down, even though there were elements I liked in each (the dressing, really, the art and music and FMVs, shame about the gameplay). Heroes of Mana I actually really liked from all angles though, even though it wasn't the same genre. If you enjoyed SD3 and don't mind something a bit RTS, it's actually really enjoyable.

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