A Visual Guide To Black Ops First Strike

Lurking somewhere beneath this striking Left 4 Dead style First Strike zombie poster are a series of screens showing off the new zombie playground and four new multiplayer maps coming to Xbox Live on February 1. Study them and survive.

Videos are all fine and good, but nothing beats the good-old unmoving screenshot when it comes to sitting, staring, and possibly drooling over the four days it's going to take for the First Strike map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops to hit Xbox Live. These are fresh screens of Kowloon, Discovery, Berlin Wall and Stadium, with a shot of the new zombie map Ascension thrown in for good measure.

Speaking for all of the PlayStation 3 and PC Call of Duty: Black Ops players out there, pbbbtttt.


    Maybe Activision and Treyarch should be focussing on fixing a broken game before dropping more crap into the Black Ops toilet.

    As a PS3 owner, I'm refusing to pick up any DLC for this game until the online components are brought up to a playable state. On too many occasions I've been in a party with my friends, only to eiter get stuck at the 'waiting for other players' point, or lose connection to the host, or have one of us get into the game without the rest of us.

    That on top of balance issues with the multiplayer component and I'm much more inclined to stick to the current zombie maps.

    That and Mass Effect 2, once the DLC gets fixed...

    BLOPS was so boring I returned my copy. Got Oblivion (GOTY edition) and a wireless earpiece for the same price.

      (Still got credit left too!)

        It'd say you definitely got the better deal there

    It really annoys me how they can't just have a cross-platform release for the DLC, no sir, gotta wait for xbox to have it for a month or two, then we might like you pay slightly more to play it on another platform.

      if they could they would do it across all platforms, but that damn stupid contract and MS money throwing ways

        Matthew, I think you'll find its Activision that throws the tender out there when it comes to DLC exclusivity deals.

        In this case, it seems Sony didn't want to play ball on this. Most likely cos they think Killzone and Resistance is more important.

    The screen shots, that never happens, are they really so inaccurate that they get that close to each other?
    Are they trying to make these look like a close range maps?
    Argh, treyarch you don't even know how to play your own game.

      Ha, that's funny. The guy with the RC car is the either the most oblivious player or these maps were too small for him to find a decent hiding spot to drive from.

    Wow, been a whle since I played a CoD game but does it look that dated these days?

    This Zombie shit's getting really fucking old.

    Whoever decided zombies were to be the new ironic monster needs to be shot.

    A few years from now we'll look back wondering why the hell we bought the zombie fad hook, line and sinker.

    Am I the only one who never has problems with Blops? The only minor complaint I have is how hard it is to join a friends game (Server full, AARGH!).

    Other than that, no complaints about connections or zombies from me :) Great game, but not as addictive as MW2.

      Yeah, same here. Only problem I've had is with zombie matchmaking, which has probably been patched now.

      I find it pathetic people get so infuriated over this game. :\


    Looking forward to these maps. The Black Ops MP maps are easily the most enjoyable maps since COD4.

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