Are You A Video Game Hoarder?

Today in Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Floppy McWiggle wonders if keeping large amounts of video games around the house is hoarding or just love.

I spent the weekend building a custom entertainment centre for my TV and consoles. I swear it took all weekend, but it was very worth it.

This brings me to my reason for commenting.

I have a shelf above the TV dedicated just for my game collection.(complete with Lord of the Rings bookends to seal the deal).

I start getting out all the games I have deemed worthy of my collection, and my wife tells me now she is totally disgusted to see how much money is sitting on top of the shelf. I had 45 Xbox 360 games, 7 Wii titles, 5 GameCube titles, and 15 PS3 games.

I realise there is no sense in having this many games in my library.

Some of them I don't play anymore, but keep them for my collection, like all the Assassin's Creed games.

I know I should have left them securely hidden in a drawer somewhere, but now that I actually see how many there are, I wonder if I am going overboard on holding onto these. Is it unreasonable to want to collect them?

Am I a hoarder now?

Does anyone else feel the need to hold onto their physical media?

I don't have this issue with music, however. All my music is digitally stored, so there's no telling how many thousands of songs I have (I'm guessing around 30,000) .

In retrospect I feel that 60-70 games isn't too many, however I have been told its excessive.

Does anyone else feel the same way about games only?

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    I have something like 70 360 games ALONE... so if he feels like a hoarder, what does that make me?

    I LOVE hard copies - i consider myself a collector - i take extreme pride in my collection.
    I have an entire bookcase full of games, and not all of them even fit in it.
    I love hearing people exclaim "holy shit!" when i open the doors to reveal my collection.

    There's also the security i feel in the fact that if i ever get into some serious financial trouble, it would sell for a pretty penny... although it would take a damn lot to part me with my collection.. a damn damn lot..

    Digital Distribution may be cheap - but damn, there is nothing like the feeling of a shelf full of games!

    "my wife tells me now she is totally disgusted to see how much money is sitting on top of the shelf"

    I loathe comments like these. Everyone has their hobbies. If your wife doesn't like how much money you spend on video games, ask yourself (and her) how much money she spends on shoes/clothes/hair/whatever.

    My wife fully supports my hobbies, and encourages me to spend money on myself if it brings me happiness. Likewise, I fully support her hobbies and feel the same way about her spending money if it means she is happy.

    Anyone who is angered by their partner's hobbies needs to step back and take a good look at why they're in a relationship with someone if they're truly angered by something as trivial as a hobby.

      Relationships have to be based on mutual satisfaction though, if my living room is filthy and filled with useless crap that no one uses, so is my wife's.
      It is too selfish for me to say to my wife, "take it or leave it" when most video games (in my experience) are never played once they have been completed. For me, it would be a bit like holding on to the action figures I played with when I was a kid.

      I used to hold pretty tightly on my games, but realised in the last few years that they are just taking up room unnecessarily, and for my wifes and my own sanity I have jettisoned absolutely everything bar the games I'm currently playing, and once I'm done, they get traded or sold immediately. The same thing is also being done with my comics collection, though it's a little harder to get trade value on shitty 90's X-men back issues.

      I totally agree with elvis. I think if buying games is well within your budget then, by all means, buy games. If it's not, then don't buy games. It's pretty simple.

      If you can afford games without having to make sacrifices on anything else, then there shouldn't be a reason why a wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend - take your friggen pick - should complain about it, especially if it's just because 'it's there and they can see it'.

      And, Sam Ridyard, if you have to end up trading or selling all the games you have played to keep your wife happy, then you just end up throwing money away. I mean c'mon - you buy a game for about $100 and then trade it in less than a month later for what, like, $50? Sounds like an awesome deal to me. I'd rather keep the games, even if it's another year or two before I pick it up again.

      Why are we even talking about this anyhow? If the problem is that your partner can see it and is complaining about it, then put them all in a box and store it away somewhere. Surely there won't be a problem keeping your stuff in the back of a cupboard that barely sees the light of day?

    Thankfully my girlfriend OWNS half of our collection, which is sitting around the 2 or 3 hundred mark of old and new consoles and games.

    I have no problem with it as long as you keep it neat and tidy, and don't buy games simply because you want it as collection padding, especially if you don't have the money to buy them.

    As someone said, everyone has their hobbies.

    Um... I see no problem at all with the games you have on your shelf. You are a grown man and have a hobby, embrace it.
    I'm 18 years old and have (I just counted) 189 games in a bookshelf under my tv in my bedroom. All mine, purchased for me as gifts over 11 years or bought myself. I take pride in my collection and never sell any of my physical games

    I would say that collecting your favourite games is only collecting, though if you collect multiple copies of the one game then THAT would be hoarding.

    Mike in no way are you a hoarder! I have 10 PS3 games, 20 original xbox games and over 200 xbox 360 games. So i know you're not a hoarder cause if you are i'm most likely insane and should be put in arkham!

    I agree with Chuloopa. I love hard copies. I have the same affinity with dvds and movies. I cant stand downloaded dvds except on my iPhone. and te "holy shit" factor is awesome. The games stand proudly round my tv and near my console.

    Mike how many movies do you own that you havent watched for a few months or years? its the same conclusion. u will eventually play them. I always end up replaying kotor or battlefront when i want a star wars fix

    It's not that I keep my games so I can have a collection... It's because I can't bring myself to give up a game that I used to really like.

    One day in the future I might want to disconnect the PS6, dust off the ol' PS3, try and find a TV that still uses HDMI input and a 2D screen and play Valkyria Chronicles on my space-lounge.

    I mean, I still fire up the original Crash Bandicoot games from time to time. :P

    That's not alot...

    I have well over 50 X360 titles in the cabinet with the TV. Around the same number of PC and Mac titles in retail box form. Granted most of my PC releases are now digital, (curse you steam) but I'm a sucker for a decent collectors edition of a game I am really keen on.

    As for older stuff, original floppy discs of Sim City 2000 is around here somewhere. :P As well as the 6 floppy disc behometh that is the original 1994 Marathon by Bungie Software. I even kept the old boxes. A lot of the older older console and dates computer stuff including original Xbox and NES titles are in storage but I can view a library of games at any one time.

    I used to be a hoarder, but not so much since I've been married. I've parted ways with my older consoles when I bought my new ones and sold the games with them, cause I realised it was pointless holding onto the games if I'm likely never going to play them again.

    That said, I've kept pretty much all my PC games (as there's almost always a way to get the old ones working on new PC's), and I kept the majority of my Gamecube games (probably around 30) even after I sold my Gamecube as I can still play them on my Wii.

    I never sell games for my current systems though (except for all my Guitar Hero games and instruments, I decided I'd finally had enough of that). My PS3 and Wii games will be sold when I decide to sell my PS3 and Wii. You never know when you'd want to play them again.

    That said I've still got a pretty impressive collection (despite the fact that I Can't buy games as often as I used to since my baby daughter arrived). I've currently got around 30 Gamecube games, about 30 Wii games and about 20-25 PS3 games.

    I'd like to think my collection relates more to the shelf of books I've read through as opposed to Toy Figuirines. It comes down to your partners (and your) perspective on games in general. I guess for those that view it as toy figurines, you're saying that games shouldn't be played by adults in the first place but keeping a shelf of books is acceptable by adults.

    Don't like/understand hoarding. I own half a dozen X-Box/360 titles physically, pretty much only my must haves, still own my GC collection of about 15 titles, my ol' N64 and games is kicking around somewhere and I only own half a dozen DS games. Got mates who have huge stacks of games which I don't really understand.

    But then again, I always was a patient oppotunistic/budget game buyer to start with.

    At last count my PS3 games were numbering in the 80s. I probably have about 30+ Wii games. I still have most of my old PS2, gamecube and PS1 games as well. I sold my NES back in the days before the N64 but kept Zelda 1 & 2. A few of my SNES games have gone 'missing' so I only have about 10 or so of them.

    I have two bookshelves of manga and two of anime. My DVDs are now in a box under my bed, replaced by my growing collection of blu-rays....

    Now that I come to type it, it seems less impressive and more... sad.

    The numbers in the article are definitely not hoarder numbers.

    I've got 150+ 360 Games, 40+ PS2, 30 PS3, 30 Wii, 30PSP, and 15 DS games, and I still don't feel like a hoarder.

    Collecting video games is no different to people who collect books, CDs, DVDs etc. People don't look at someone with a shelf of 300 CDs and think there is anything wrong with that. If it is something the owner likes, so be it.

    I'm a bit on the bad side. While I don't have many of my older titles any more. I do currently have over 150 xbox 360 titles and about 20-30 ps3. Approx 25 or more 360 titles haven't even been opened yet!

    I'm also a bargain hunter and can't resist a good sale, so while I have heaps of games I haven't paid anywhere near full price for them.

    Am I a horder? Maybe, but I prefer to call myself a collector!

    Oh and I just recently cracked 400 games on steam. But at least you can't see them physically! Lol

    I have ~350 games across all consoles I own (from Saturn to PS3 and everything in between, they are all connected). I like to keep the stuff, to see my neatly ordered collection and I enjoy the occasional memory lane trip.

    So I guess I'm a hoarder, but probably a discerning one. I haven't sold a game in over 10 years, It would have to be quite a bad game, and with the amount of information available today you have to be pretty dim to buy a bad game. Every game I buy I want to keep.

    Ok so my collection includes:

    Intellivision and about 12 games (and yes it still works)

    Mega Drive (aka Genesis) and 15 games

    PS3 and 65 games.

    PSP and 11 games.

    Wii and 23 games.

    So I guess I'm a hoarder as I can probably count on 1 hand the games I do play.

    I have approximately 30 PSone games, 80 PS2 games, 20 PSP games, 30 PS3 games, and about 5 or 6 DS games. Nothing special compared to some of the collections already mentioned. ^_^ Soon that list will increase to also include 360 and possibly Wii games too... ;)
    While I'm more than happy to trade in games I haven't enjoyed, I like to keep those I loved (which just so happens to be most of them). I tell myself it's because I'll play them again one day. That and I like to think of myself as a collector, rather than a hoarder... >_>

    I thought I was bad with a current 30+ PS3 & 46+ PSP games but then I seel on completion
    Gave away PS1 for a bottle of wine with 20+ games and PS2 with 36 games to my brother so compared to you lot I think I'm doing well!

    i used to have about 90 xbox games.

    decided to trade heaps in and only keep the ones i still play
    what was the point if i never played them? i buy the games to play and enjoy, not to look at on a shelf.

    i think collecting them is just people being afraid of letting go and that they might regret not having it anymore.

    I don't understand the argument, "why keep them if you don't play them?" if I have a book collection, do I need to throw out all the books I'm not actively reading every day?

      It's like a mini-library. :)

    I have:
    2 Sega Consoles
    Over 100 Sega Games

    3 Playstation 1's
    Over 1000 PS 1 Games

    1 Playstation 2
    About 50 PS2 Games

    1 Playstation 3
    About 25 PS3 Games

    1 Xbox 360 Slim
    5 Xbox Games

    3 Nintendo DS's
    30+ DS Games

    1 Gameboy Colour
    15+ GBC Games
    2 Gameboy Advance's

    and I still don't think I have enough.. I want to collect all NES and Atari games now :3

      "Over 1000 PS 1 Games"

      Of which how many are legitimate copies?

    I belive that the only games worth collecting only are the original Pokemon games. :)

    I don't see a problem with that!
    This on the other hand... :P

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