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CheapSkate Gamer

18 days into the new year, and Cheap$kate Gamer is still going strong! It’s a shorter list than usual, – and I hope, a one-off occurrence – but still it has a few games worthy of mentioning, so read on!

PC Digital Download Legend of the Dragon – $3.98

SBCG4AP Season 1 – $14.99

The Sims 3 – $23.95

Dr. Who Adventure Games Bundle (4 games) – $12.95

Retail Boxes Dark Void – $6.54

Frontlines: Fuel of War – $7.59

Pure – $8.99

STALKER – $11.99

Devil May Cry 4 – $12.99

Crysis Warhead – $14.99

FEAR 2: Project Origin – $16.90

POP Forgotten Sands – $16.99

Spore – $17.99

Flight Sim X Gold Edition – $29.99

Xbox 360 Conan – $16.99

Turok – $18.99

Red Dead Redemption – $37.99

PS3 Front Mission Evolved – $18.49

Red Dead Redemption – $37.99

Wii Legend of the Guardians – $16.99

PSP GTA ChinaTown Wars – $11.99

DS Lost in Blue 3 – $18.49

Indies A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda – $14.99 (PC)

Rather short list this week. I blame Steam for wasting all its sales in one go. Otherwise, did I leave a deal out? If so, comment below or on facebook, and tell us where!

Ok, so here’s the deal; Last week, in the TAY, some people wanted the jokes back, but it was a mixed bag. Someone suggested putting all the jokes at the bottom, but I still don’t see how that would work. SO, in the spirit of non-sequitor humour, and insipired in a massive way by Axe Cop, I present:


Now, because I’m not an artist, I’m afraid the above is representative of the quality of the comic, so you’ll have to deal with it!

What I need to know is whether everyone here is interested in this comic (to add flavor to the article) or not.

If the general consensus is yes, then I’ll upload a new page each week!

Keep your eyes peeled! 😀


  • YES!

    So long as it follows the humour style of your jokes, I would love it.

    Also, your art isn’t bad at all, in fact, for a non-artist, it’s damn good.

    Finally, where’s my free game to ogle at? You’ve disappointed me for the last time (which means it’s all uphill from here, and in fact, it’s probably the first time you’ve disappointed me…).

  • I’ve already bought a couple of games from Ozgamesshop and I think with every physical title in this list being from their website except for one just goes to prove that aussie retailers haven’t got a hope in keeping up with online retailers at the moment.

    • Yes! And it doesn’t help that game retail staff are obnoxious and refuse to help.

      I still think that JB-HI FI is great though. Their staff are always kind, and their games are cheap enough.

      We’ll see how it plays out.

  • If your comic is half as good as Axe Cop then I will look forward to this article even more than usual.

    I have a 5 year old with a good imagination if you need some inspiration….I’m sure a lego starwars game or 2 would help to secure his writing services.

    • Yay – 02
      Nay – 00

      Oh I hope so. I absolutely ADORE Axe Cop! xD

      Sure, if he has any flashes of inspiration, don’t hesitate to email me them and I’ll see if I can work them in!

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  • If you do this comic and it ISNT good i’ll eat my pants.

    DO IT!

    Or i could eat Mark’s pants. He doesn’t wear them anyway.

  • Comic!

    Also Tad, if I can make one other request – please find the best preorder deals on the following games throughout the year, so I can try to prioritise and budget accordingly:

    Duke Nukem Forever
    Forza 4
    Gears of War 3
    I Am Alive
    Mass Effect 3
    Max Payne 3
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Portal 2
    Dragon Age 2

    …I’ll let you know if there’s anything else. Thanks in advance XP

    I kid, I kid! But, I would like to see some preorders of the big games if it’s not too much trouble… 😀

    • COMIC!

      And oops, I just posted this ins TAY but from what I’ve seen around OzGameShop has the best preorder deals on pretty much anything. The UK versions will work on Australian consoles/PCs.

      Info here:

      (Apologies if this sounds like an advertisement, if anyone has any other awesome game websites that have similar prices I’d love to know about them…)

      I know that for Dragon Age 2 in particular, their prices are less than half of the cheapest retail outlet (JB Hifi). Also, for games coming out much later in the year (ME3, for example) nobody would have preorder prices up yet.

      • The only disappointment was their delivery times on new releases but at their prices I shouldn’t complain. It’s such a shame that importing is still a heck of a lot cheaper than cashing in on my staff discount….

    • @ Ambrose IV

      You tellin me you dint order DA2 before Jan 11 for the free upgrade from Ozgameshop for 63ish Buckaroonies?

      For shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

  • I’d come back as the Master for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.
    I would then ‘accidentally’ set myself on fire.

    I a noble and selfless death, for the good of man.

  • How dare you post a comic with this list!

    It is a serious violation of internet protocol AG173836234-26 sub group D. This must be an informative list, with no purpose other than to inform. Mixing that with humour, ugh, it offends me to my core.

  • Taddy, you’re really good at drawing! :O
    The kind of online comics I look at are mostly stick figures anyway. 😛

  • dvd dot co dot uk is usually about $5 cheaper delivered on preorders (they don’t charge us aussies VAT) 365games/ozgames shop are definitely good for the older titles though.

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