Crysis 2 And Bulletstorm Demos Are Live

Free demos for Bulletstorm (single-player) and Crysis 2 (multiplayer demo) are now on Xbox Live. That’s demos of two upcoming first-person shooters for the price of none. The Bulletstorm demo should be downloadable today for PlayStation 3 as well.


  • crysis mp demo was ok, the bulletstorm demo was underwhelming to say the least, many crashes and average gameplay at best 🙁 hopes slightly crushed to start 2011 🙁

  • Bulletstorm was mindless fun, which is exactly what I expect the full game will be.

    I haven’t tried Crysis yet… that’s on for tonight.

  • I can’t seem to find the Bulletstorm demo on PSN ( If anyone could tell em where to find it, that would be a godsend) but I had a go on my brothers Xbox and my god I loved every second of it

    I never realised quite how much I disliked the current plague of cover based shooters until I played this game

  • Haven’t tried Bulletstorm yet (that’s another big download for such a slow speed) but played Crysis for 2 hours tonight and really enjoyed it, had the most luck with the Scout class by far.

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