Mum Laughs In Violent Game's Face

A handful of mothers were totally freaked out by sci-fi game Dead Space 2. Those mums are pansies.

Dino Ignacio's mum? While everyone else seems to cover their eyes, his mum laughs in the game's face, cackles and chuckles. Ignacio is Dead Space 2's user interface designer.

Dead Space 2 is headed to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this month. Some find the game scary, Dino's mum thinks its hilarious.">I asked my mum... [Reddit via Dtoid]


    Dude.. Just by looking at the name did I know right away that she was Filo. I guess she wont mind buying a violent game for her kids.

      Well her grand kids anyway.

    That is downright the creepiest laugh ive heard.
    Especially bad when she says "i quess he lost his head!".


    'Dead Space 2', is the new, '2 Girls 1 Cup'.

    thats what my grandmother does when something really violent happens in a movie o.O

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