Remember This?

Can you recognise this awesome game from one single screenshot? Chances are you probably can, so if you get it right feel free to wax lyrical about this classic in the comments below!


    Mario 64

    Dragon Ninja!

    AKA Bad Dudes AKA Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

    Doesn't look like the arcade version, though - sprites look too small. So I guess it's one of the home versions. I'll say the Amiga version, since it seems like about 75% of these Remember This? games are from the Amiga :)

    Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja.
    Definitely not the arcade version though.

    Looks like Dragon Ninja on C64?

    Is this Two Rude Dudes on the NES? I vaguely remember this game having a different name on the NES as it did in the arcade but I can't remember which was which.

    Looks like Dragon Ninja on the Amiga

    I'm a bad enough dude.

    Can't tell because of the pic compression what version. Obv not speccy or NES. Don't think it's Amiga or Arcade so I'll go for Amstrad.

    Are you a bad enough dude?

    From a simpler time of "rampant ninja related crime" and where presidents could be abducted by ninjas...
    Its Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja!

    We're BAD!

    How has nobody posted this yet?

    Awesome with a side of fries, y'all.

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