Remember This?

Alright - time to crank this up a notch. You guys have been way too good at remembering, so I'm going to make today's a little more difficult than usual. That being said, I still fully expect someone to get this within 30 seconds of me posting it, and if that happens to be the case, kindly pass the time discussing this classic game!


    You win this round it out dates my gaming knowledge

    Haunted house?


    Oh wait, maybe it was called Mystery House!

      Yup Mystery House on the Apple 2?

      @ Gremlin and Ben - we are getting too old :P

      /Reminisces about when adventure games were kind and Sierra were the pinnacle fo game development.

      Fav Sierra adventure = Quest for Glory 2

      Re Roberta Williams, imagine workign with your partner all day long - if my wife and I tried to do what Roberta and Ken did, we'd kill each other before we could complete anything (although that could be a good premise for a game).

        Ack need edit button - I meant '..adventure games were KING ... ' (they were never kind).

        I never really played myself, but I was there for the first King's Quest. I loved those series to death. I still have them all, all KQs, SQs, QGs, GKs and Larrys.

        My favourite would have to be Space Quest 4.

          (I also need an edit button)

          I never really played IT myself.

    Certainly something on Apple 2. I recognize that distinctive colour scheme.

    House Party 4

    you knock over candle and cause a fire...

    More difficult than usual? This one was one of the few that I actually recognised. Then again, I was an Apple II gamer in my high school days.

      Did you borrow games from Jesus?

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