Rumor: Here Are The PlayStation Phone's Specs

Can't remember the last time so much info spilled out about a product before it was officially unveiled, but whatever, it's 2011, let's roll with it: the PlayStation Phone has been reviewed.

Chinese website IT168 got its hands on a version of the phone (which it carefully points out may not be the final, production model) and put it through its paces, detailing not just the device's hardware specs but some other interesting tidbits as well.

First, the specs (at least as they stand on the model reviewed): it's got a 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8255 processor and Qualcomm Adreno 205 GPU, giving the handheld a benchmark frames-per-second count of just under 60. It has 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM and slots of a microSD card, SIM card and micro USB cable.

The phone's screen is capable of a 854 x 480 resolution on its 4-inch screen, and there's a 5 megapixel camera.

Interestingly, on the phone's screen, it appears games are launched via the "PlayStation Pocket" application. Before it's selected, the phone is running in "phone" mode, but once you hit the PlayStation Pocket app the display changes to Sony's trademark "XMB", making it look much more like the user interface of a regular PSP.

Remember, while there's certainly enough material here to indicate this is real, since the phone (or its specs) are yet to be officially unveiled by Sony, this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

索尼&索爱合力爆发PS Phone独家评测 [IT168, via Engadget]


    "Can’t remember the last time so much info spilled out about a product before it was officially unveiled"

    Probably the last time Sony created a product. That company leaks like an incontinent sieve.

      And on the flip side, MS were able to keep the 360 slim completely under wraps until, literally, the day it was unveiled and went on sale.

        Nothing causes a sensation and is better for publicity than new information about a new product to look forward to.

    "and slots of a microSD card"

    sony using non proprietary memory cards? ill believe that when i see it...

      While we ARE talking about Sony, there is a market for movies on SD card in Japan (to watch on your phone), so it's certainly possible.

    Chinese website? Maybe they reviewed a Chinese knock-off.

    I know it'll have PSP games on it, but it won't be able to compete with even my iPhone 4 once more games in the calibre of Infinity Blade start flowing into the App Store.

      haha im pretty sure there are a bucketload of pro developers lining up to develop for this. Think about killzone, uncharted and all the other console developers + this will also be able to tap into the casual gamer market with all the indie devs.

      ALSO!!! its got physical controls, need i say more?


      Anyway it looks good, hopefully it's not 800 dollars though.

      Comparing Infinity Blade to anything on the PSP is quite silly. While the graphics are quite nice (for a portable game), nearly anything with physical controls will out do iphone gaming.

    cant wait to get one so i can play disgaea everywhere

    I think the playstation phone could really be quite succesful, considering you could nab a whole bunch of gamers (including casual) who want a phone, as it gives them a chance to get a "console" and a phone at the same time.

    Only problem I see is that the price is going to be pretty high, so for kids who originally had a DS or a PSP, there is no real replacement, so therefore you lose a segment of the market to the DS (a market which is potentially very important to the future of your company)

    Potentially a good games handheld. I am pretty sure a few of the hardware and specs is going to be changed (providing it's all true in the first place). It can be a good gaming gadget because it's got buttons and Sony are behind it.

    Aww they have the analog stick in a stupid spot again

    Two potential issues I can see with this, if the final product does indeed look like those photos:

    1. There is *still* a lack of a second analogue stick. Hasn't Sony realised that one of the major gripes with the PSP was the lack of second analogue stick?

    2. The potential price. This thing isn't going to be cheap when it launches. Expect it to retail close to the A$1000 mark. Will be interesting to see if Telcos pick it up and offer plans with it though.

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