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No big Kahuna burgers in this week's line up of new releases, but there are a few that you might fancy a wee squiz at - Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini-Land Mayhem being the prime example. As always, if we've stupidly missed something, let us know in the comments.

Dance Juniors What is it? A Dance game for you to point and laugh at. Should you care? If you're a hipster looking for something to play ironically, maybe. Otherwise, kill it with the harshest of fires.

Lords of Arcana What is it? A Monster Hunter-esque RPG. Should you care? Not really my thing personally...

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem What is it? The latest in the Mario vs Donkey Kong series - a series which has kinda floated under my radar for some reason. Should you care? Apparently it's pretty good - if a little similar to previous entries.

Who's That Flying? What is it? An indie game on Steam I had no idea existed until I just checked Steam two seconds ago. It's kinda like a blustered up R-Type, which is awesome in my books. Should you care? I think I might actually buy it now...


    Big Kahuna Burger?
    That's that Hawaiian burger joint.
    I hear they got some tasty burgers.
    I ain't never had one myself. How are they?

      They're good.


        man they are SO over rated, in my books!

        Seriously, my mate always talked them up, then i finally had one and it was nothing special.

        When it comes to burgers i prefer Nandos, Burger Edge, or the king of all burger-markers, Grilld!


            FUZZ YEAH BOIIII!!!
            *chest bump!*

            Personally i always go the Mediterranean burger.. best lamb-based burger ever conceived by man!

              I always wonder if I should check out the Chicken Burgers - but it's too risky. Chicken Burgers are never as good as proper burgers.

              TOO RISKY!

                From an ex-maccas worker.

                McChicken - add bacon, tomato, cheese.




                  ...GET... OUUUT....

                  *twitch twitch*

                Chicken >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lamb

                Just sayin!

                Bee has chicken ones pretty much every time we go and she loves them.. i think i had one once.

                They're damn good, but no where near as good as a lamb one

          More like this:

          Hells yeah for Burger Edge! I was sad when they closed down their CBD location....

          Grilld mustard and pickle burger pretty much negates any reason for other burgers to exist.

          I've never had Grilld, but everyone loves the place. Are there many in Melbourne?
          Nandos is so overpriced it's not even worth it.

            There are plenty of locations in Melbourne. Burgers are incredible.


            What Mark said.

            Basically you need to find one and eat one.

            Honestly, you haven't lived until you've eaten a Grilld burger1

      Oh..I believe there might be a new king of burgers.

      Their Wagyu burger is self-implodingly amazing. It is THAT good. And their truffle oil and Parmesan sprinkled fries....oh yeah.

    I'll have to make it to the shops to actually go pick up my copy of Dead Space and Mass Effect 2... and then I don't think there is anything for me until Killzone 3...

    Who cares :D you should all buy Ghost Trick on DS. I finished that last night, awesome game.

      Really want to play it. Luckily I've got the second Ace Attorney (made by the same developer?) to play through which is awesome!

    Mini-Land Mayhem is similar to other entries in Mario vs Donkey Kong, but great fun nonetheless.

      Is there much scope for content creation and is it easy to use?

    I think these kind of weeks will come as a blessing in 2011. I'm determined to buy more games than ever this year, and 'off' weeks like this will probably be a relief to my wallet. And I'm not even talking about Q4, look at March/April/May already. Jesus.

    Oh man, I completely forgot about MvDK3. Is it like the last one, where you guide the Minis around kinda like Lemmings? Or the first one, where you play as Mario and it's like the GB game? Or have they changed it up again...

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