Three Things To Love About Red Faction Armageddon

I was a huge fan of Red Faction: Guerrilla and the freedom of destruction it delivered gamers at the blunt end of a hammer. But Red Faction Armageddon sounds like it's made reversing chaos just as much fun.

Here's three things I loved seeing in the game. Sure we've had computers that talk in our ears before, but Sam seems to be more helpful than the usual kind, pointing out enemies you might miss and building threats. I love Dead Space's GPS system, but this one is even bigger and waist-high. How cool is that?

Rebuilding stuff? It's great for many reasons, but I love the notion of being able to wreck, rebuild and wreck.


    Never played any of the Red Faction Games, but that's looking alright.

      Red Faction: Guerrilla is selling for about $20-$30 at most stores, well worth a purchase!

    faction g was great fun - open and blowing up large structures was ace, this is looking more like "red faction dead space" everything i've seen so far has been inside and a close over the shoulder view like gears... hopeful but cautious

    I like how this looks a little more like a corridor shooter. I'm all for open world, but it's a recipe that is very difficult to pull off correctly, and often the atmosphere can get lost in all the space that is available to the player. This looks promising.

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