While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping was a well-received romantic comedy starring the luminous Sandra Bullock and the irrepressible Bill Pullman.

It’s also the name of a regular section here at Kotaku, where we round up all the best news coming in overnight, to save you trawling down the page for an excuse to not start work. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

The Pope doesn't have a lot going for him. He's old, he's a bit out of touch, he looks like Emperor Palpatine, but he makes a point about online gaming that I think everyone can agree with, particularly those who have been on the receiving end of a raist bashing by some 10-year-old ramped up on red cordial. His message? Be yourself!

Okami is a game that was close to my heart - even if it I did stop playing it the second Twilight Princess was released. Here Capcom's Motohide Eshiro discusses why it didn't sell.

Gaming skills may have saved this man's life, Tim Schafer is inspired by film's artiest director, and it took five video games to make this image!

In Short The Pope Would Like You To Be Yourself Online Gaming Skills May Have Saved This Man's Life Why The Prettiest PlayStation 2 Game Wasn't A Smash Gaming's Funniest Designer Inspired By Film's Artiest Director It Took 5 Video Games To Make This Image


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