While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping - your early morning round up of all the stories that broke 'While You Were Sleeping'.

So, in case you hadn't noticed, we now have a Weekend Editor in the shape and form of Logan Booker, who was actually the very first local Kotaku Australia editor back in days of yore. Not a lot of people know this [/MichaelCaine]but Logan is also a bit of a developer, and when he's not posting through stories for us on weekends, he's in the process of creating his own Indie Game Studio. He's going to be writing about this process for Kotaku, and this is part one. It's awesome.

The whole Mojang vs Bethesda thing is a bit disheartening. The creators of Minecraft are such big fans of Bethesda, and I can't help but root for the little guy here. That said, here is a look at the issues between the two regarding Mojang's latest work in development Scrolls.

Dark Souls has had some pretty stellar reviews, this is a top notch Portal documentary and do you think multi-platform releases are a good excuse for piracy?

In Short Mojang vs Bethesda - Or I hate It When Mummy And Daddy Fight Dark Souls Reviewers Like It Long And Hard Go Behind The Scenes Of Portal With This Documentary My First Week As An Indie Game Developer Is A Multi-Platform Release An Excuse For Piracy


    I don't know whether to say "awww" or "ewww".

    You and Tracey should take turns doing While You Where Sleeping and try to out-ugly each other with the pics :P
    Also, Logan did a great job looking after the site yesterday, so kudos to him :D

      I really loved his piece. Helped me get through an hour walking around CostCo shopping.

    Mark, you need to settle this. WHAT IS THAT THING??

      Oh, alt text reveals all: "baby_badger_in_hands"

      Steve Holt! \o/

    It's a Chupathingy!

    That thing is so cute I almost had a heart attack!

    Awh... I liked the disturbing one eyed/winking dog better. It raised questions and left no answers.

    I absolutely love that you and Tracey are making "While you were sleeping" a domain for cute/bizarre animal pics.

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