While You Were Sleeping

Well the title of this post finally makes sense — 'While You Were Sleeping'. Not 'While We Were Sleeping', because I didn't sleep at all last night, but more info on that at 11am today! For now it's time to get our daily fix of overnight news!

Well, a couple of interesting stories, but this might be of most interest to you guys and girls — a new look at some Resident Evil 6 footage. I've always felt that the even numbered Resi games have been the best, so I believe! (I want to believe...)

You might not know this, but our Weekend Editor Logan Booker, in addition to being our Weekend Editor, is actually a Game Developer currently working on his own project. I always find it interesting to hear about the process from him first hand. This post looks at the hassle involved in getting a game classified in Australia.

This video game art was made from duct tape. Because duct tape fixes everything. In this video filmmakers unmask The Pyro, and the creator of Leisure Suit Larry says that DRM has been misguided since 1982.

In Short Here, Have Some New Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Source Filmmakers Unmask The Pyro Leisure Suit Larry Creator Says DRM Has Been Misguided Since 1982 To Sell Our PC Game In Australia It Will Cost $890 And It Must Work In Windows XP This Gamestop Employee Turns Duct Tape Into Art


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