While You Were Sleeping

Bloody hell, I was all snug in my bed this morning when the fire alarm in my building went off! While I was sleeping some punk kids thought it would be funny to make everyone have to stand outside in the freezing cold in their boxer shorts. Anyway, video game stuff, let's get to it!

Probably the biggest news of the weekend was this: the leaked pics of the updated Wii U controller. To be perfectly honest, not much has changed. Apparently the analogue sticks have been adjusted, but I would not have noticed unless someone had pointed it out. Maybe they haven't changed and this is just some massive, elaborate prank...

I like this piece by Logan Booker, our weekend Editor — it asks just how important it is for indie developers to talk to their audience. Do they need to do it through us? The jaded, gaming media? Or are there other ways. Also — Logan, you better not be putting us out of a job!

As always here is our Monday morning helping of Sunday comics, this is a cool Android App that tells you whether the Diablo III servers are working, and why not watch R2 D2 go on a hilarious death dealing rampage in GTAIV!

In Short Developer Leaks Photo Of Updated Wii U Controller — Check Out Them Sticks Quality Counts: Why Getting The Gaming Media’s Attention Is Only Half The Battle Sunday Comics: A Hell Of An Error Are The Diablo III Servers Working? As This Android App Watch R2 D2 Go On A Hilarious Death Dealing Rampage In Grand Theft Auto IV


    Re: Wii U - the sticks have definitely changed. They were the sliding things from the 3DS before and were actually my number one concern about it. Those things suck for extended use. Now they're sticks that look more like the Wii and Gamecube which is a far better choice.

    Well, to be fair, the fire alarm thing is a little funny :P

    Mark I feel for you mate. I spent the first half hour I was awake shivering. Didn't stop until I got on the train in to work

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