While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to 'While You Were Sleeping', where we round up the best gaming news that you might have missed from overnight. Unless you were up all night obsessively reading Kotaku. That's how it feels like for us sometimes.

Kate has a great piece about what video games can teach us about marriage. And, really, that kind of role-playing is what draws many of us in and keeps us playing. Kate likens in-game relationships to be like that in real life, and there's a valuable lesson to be had from that.

In other news, a writer from The Atlantic is putting together a list smart games to prove that video games aren't "dumb", you can haz 10 new levels in Angry Birds, and an Aussie is being threatened over his Nerf Guns blog. They even turned up at his house. WTF.

In short: One Weekend Completely Changed My Mind About Tera What Games Have You Fallen Asleep To While Playing? Resident Evil Creator Working On New Survival Horror Game. It Could Be His Last.

Image: rofanator/Flickr


    Tomorrow you should have a picture of sleeping sheep, and call the segment "While You Were Sheeping"

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