While You Were Sleeping

New day, new week and now it's time for While You Were Sleeping, the post that lets you guys get caught up on what things went down while you were catching some shut eye.

Despite being a fairly ubiquitous user of Facebook and Twitter, much to my wife's disdain, I have never, ever used either service on my Xbox 360. Ever. And I remember being quite hyped when I found out you could, at E3 a good few years back. What went wrong? It's a very good question.

I think this headline says it all — the PlayStation Vita is currently selling more slowly that the Dreamcast. What is going on here? The PSP actually did some seriously good numbers.

This Dragon Age III concept art is straight gorgeous, who could have thought playing Skyrim would equal course credits, and this post-mortem of Kotaku weekend Editor Logan Booker's indie game launch is well worth reading.

In Short Why Didn't Anyone Use Facebook Or Twitter On The Xbox 360 Playing Skyrim Equals Course Credits At This US University PlayStation Vita Is Currently Selling More Slowly Than Dreamcast This Dragon Age III Concept Art Is Straight Up Stunning A Post-Mortem Of An Indie PC Game Launch


    Poor M.C. Hammer. He tied all his future chances of success to the 360's social networking capabilities, but it failed. And when was the last time you heard from since its launch?

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