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Good morning. Hope you're eating your porridge/weetbix/whatever I won't judge. But you should eat porridge. It's the best one. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We talk about news. Get ready.

You may or may not be aware of this, but the boss of EA Sports is actually an Australian. Turns out he's recently sold all of his EA stock. Oh wow. Why Andrew, why? Apparently he's sticking around, so he's not selling for the most obvious reason. I suppose there could be a million reasons why he sold them. He took in almost $700,000 in the process.

XCOM — not the strategy game, the first person turned third person game, seemed as though it was on a hiding to nothing. From what I've heard it's had quite the troubled development. Still, it seems as though the game has made a recovery and been reinvented. Here are some more details on precisely what happened.

What else? Here, have some comics. Apparently Watch Dogs has a pretty clever reference to The Wire and you can now download and play with Nvidia's life like face rendering tech. Bet it isn't as good as stretching Mario's face in Mario 64.

In Short Sunday Comics: Tamagotcha From 2010 To Today: How 2K Marin Reinvented The Bureau, XCOM Declassified EA Sports Boss Sells All Of His EA Stock, But Isn't Going Anywhere You Can Now Download And Play With NVidia's Life Like Face Rendering Tech More Video Games With References To The Wire Please


    Mario's face! Ohhh that was the best. Would spend minutes doing that before the game. Minutes.

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