You've Probably Never Been This Close To Princess Zelda Before

Normally, the art of cosplay is best served with pictures. Movies only show up the costume's inadequacies. But this Zelda gear is so good it looks better in motion.

Filmed at Youmacon, held late last year in Detroit (which explains why things look like a GT5 photo mode shoot by the end), it shows a variety of costumes from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series, though clearly the Princess Zelda one takes the Triforce for the amount of work that's gone into even the tiniest detail.

WARNING: you may want to hit "mute" before continuing.

[via Go Nintendo]


    Wow, that's actually really incredible stuff. Little disappointed the went with 2 dark Links instead of 1 of each, but they were great. One of my brothers is in design school for theatre/film/costuming etc and I always think about his stuff when I see these.

    whoever designed this shoot with all those long sweeping shots should perhaps look a little outside of the John Woo canon for inspiration.

    Not into cosplay myself, but congratulations, looks fantastic and aside form those who probably bash this cause they can't create/film/edit I congratulate you on the presentation too.

    The location is the only thing that confused me, but the rest was well done :)

    "You’ve Probably Never Been This Close To Princess Zelda Before"

    Because most Zelda players are creeepy.. ? Jk.
    Cool vid tho. Master Sword just emerged.

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