3D Wasn't Originally Planned For The 3DS

Before the Nintendo 3DS was called the 3DS, it had a codename. It was a prototype that Nintendo was developing as the Nintendo DS's successor. And initially, it did not have 3D.

The portable's console manager Hideki Konno tells Famitsu that the planning for the DS's successor commenced when the original DS was finished, complete with prototypes.

The goal for the successor was to make sure it was backwards compatible with the current DS, meaning that it needed to have two screens, with the bottom one being a touch screen.

Sometime after 2008, Nintendo began thinking about using 3D for its new handheld. To test out 3D, the team connected a 3D monitor to the Wii to check how games ran in 3D. Konno liked how Mario Kart Wii played in 3D, and staffers were impressed how figures of Mario and Luigi demoed in 3D.

The system's gyrosensor wasn't added until late in the game - right before last year's 3D, actually. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto pushed for the gyrosensor, saying it was "missing something" and adding that with a gyrosensor gameplay "could change greatly". Miyamoto, it seems, could very well be right.

3DS Development Trivia With Hideki Konno [andriasang][Pic: Getty]


    So the only things that make the 3ds not just a ds1.1 were thrown in at the end? Count me out!

      You do realize hey do generally have moan 1 prototype in development at any time? And adding 3D in 2-3 years before launch is hardly last minute.. Gyroscope sure, but is it that big a deal?

      Also to think about, if it wasn't 3D the graphics would have looked even better.. Which the aging DS really needed upgrading.

    They should have made the top screen a touch screen as well. I think one of the first stupid things I did with the original DS was try to use the stylus on the top screen.

      Ah! I second to this. I think I was playing one of those New Super Mario Bros mini games and I kept using my stylus on the top screen.

      They originally intended to have the top screen as touch as well, but the 3D effect gets screwed with as it takes a few milliseconds for your eyes to adjust as it swaps between looking at the stylus and screen.

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