Community Review: Bulletstorm

Community Review: Bulletstorm

I’ve been distracted by some stuff – mainly the people who are staying over at my house at the moment – so I haven’t been able to even start playing Bulletstorm yet, despite the fact that it’s a game I had been looking forward to. I figure that plenty of you guys have gotten started on it – what do you think?

It’s a game that seems to divide opinion. Most people I’ve spoken to either love the fact that it feels fresh and self aware, while others think those features feel tacked on and irrelevant to the fact that it’s simply another corridor shooter with a slightly bigger corridor.

Obviously I can’t make a decision until I’ve played – but what’s your view? Let us know in the comments below.


  • I thought it was pretty awesome. I think I am nearly finished. It was fast, furious, fun and never felt as though it was getting stale. The skillshots make sure you don’t just get stuck in way way of doing things and the instant feedback is very satisfying.

  • I love it.
    From the rediculously over the top weapons, characters and set pieces. I keep finding myself trying to discover all the ways to kill someone, and also the best way to do it (some later enemies you waste ALOT of bullets on, but go really far when kicked, so you can just kick them off cliffs and save the ammo :D.

    The only downside at the moment is the multiplayer, as no one seems to be playing it! I got into a game on the weekend but it must have been with people in the US because it was laggy as all hell.

    The Echoes mode is also awesome for trying to rack up as much points as possible (you can also complete some trophies in them, i did the disco inferno one in echoes mode).

    All in all a great, refreshing return to the rediculous games of old like Duke Nukem and Serious Sam.

    • Or you find a decent team and one a hole doesnt work as part of a team….love the drop out drop in system though, I had no trouble finding a decent team on friday or sat night, add me grasshoppaderoo if your up for some anarchy, hardly anyone on my friends list plays 🙁

  • I really like it, even though the ending was god awful. Would have liked it to be a bit longer, too, but overall it’s good fun.

      • Is that as in TechnoMan… cause that show was awesome.

        Also, the General at the end was funny brilliant.
        But, definately set up the sequel.

  • I am not a fan. I am early in the game mind (just after first mini boss) but for all the kill in different ways talk it just feels repetitive to me.

    Does it get better later on?

  • About halfway done on Normal difficulty and loving it. I do wish there was a Waggleton P. Tallylicker game/minigame I could just play endlessly though, maybe Killer Robot Dinosaur is needed for XBLA.

    The rest of the game – fun dialogue, fun weapons, fun fun fun. Having a ball sliding through enemies and kicking stuff, attempting to destroy all the newsbots, drink all the liquor and pull off skillshot after skillshot.

    Took way too many attempts to register my ball shot though, must have went through two dozen that way before I did it accidentally.

  • Still haven’t played, other than the demo, but the game looks like a lot of fun. I have heard sentiments from people that even if Duke Nukem Forever isn’t a great game, it will be fun to go back to that over the top, unrealistic, balls to the wall gameplay of running and gunning that FPS games used to be.

    From what I can tell Bulletstorm is just this. Even if it isn’t innovative, is repetitive and probably has a pretty poor plot, sometimes all you want to do is sit down and watch the dumb action flick rather than the artistic indie film.

  • I went to the Atomic Bulletstorm LAN event last week, and let me tell you, it was absolutely awesome to play that game in co-op mode.,bulletstorm-lan-night—fun-with-double-penetration.aspx

    When somebody made the retort “Double Penetration Gang Bang”, we just laughed our arses off.

    It’s unrealistic, cheesy, in your face, and I loved every second of it.

    But there have been problems plauging the PC version. The version that I intended to purchase, but I’m going to hold off for a little bit. Until these issues get sorted out.

  • I loved it, I was laughing the whole time playing it, definitely loved it more than the usual fps cod style games. The dialogue was great, the landscapes were beautiful, and the killing was fun and inventive.

  • I thouroughly enjoyed it.
    Sliding is really, really fun.
    The world just looks so beautiful.
    I almost thought it was voiced by Jack Black, especially during the “childs plaything” bit.

    It’s got some problems though…

    It’s poorly signposted for one, you can get lost pretty easily… especially if you go looking for bottles or newsbots. A button (say, down on the d-pad) to put a hud marker of the next objective would be a welcome addition.

    • Oh, and if you buy ammo for a gun you haven’t equiped… it automatically equips it. So you’ve got to go back into the drop-pod to reset your weapon choices.

  • Considered buying it, but barfed when i saw it was locked to 62fps with no console commands.

    I don’t want to play console games on my PC, i want to play PC games. Idiots

  • Absolutely loving it (until my dying 8800 GTS cut my adventure short on Saturday). The mechanics are absurdly satisfying (kicking and sliding rock) and the dialogue has actually made me laugh plenty of times, which I didn’t really expect.

    Pretty much the most fun I’ve had in an FPS in a very long time.

  • I’ve been having heaps of fun with this game. It looks awesome, is hilariously self-aware and the action is fast and furious. Attempting to find new skill shots is heaps of fun, and even the way the skill shot system has been implemented and explained in the game is quite seamless and cool. Some of the set pieces are awesome too.

    The only issue I have is with the companions. They’re dumb as dogshit, luckily they don’t take your damage, so you can blow them to hell without worrying about them dying. I love trying to explode that Ishi dickhead all over the place!

  • Ive only played the game on the PC and its an OK game.

    Having said that, i do have a fare few issues with the game. The game it self doesnt no what type of FPS it should be, and it suffers for it. It tries to be Serious Sam with having lots of enemies coming at you, yet it tries to be like modern shoots only allowing you have 3 weapons 1 of which you can not swap out. After all the fun epic poked at activision with Duty Calls, there was alot of “bloodied screen…so real” and alot of convient ” you can only kill me if slow mo happens for no reason….oh shit!”

    I havent bothered with MP but i must say, through out most of the game we have an at least 1 AI controlled character with us, yet we can go throught he intire campaign in tradtional CoOP mode.

    Now on the technical side. This is an extremely big thing for the PC. DEAR EPIC, STOP FUCKING SUPPORTING GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE!. The game uses G4WL which does not work for PCs. XBL may be great for Consoles, but not for PCs, espeically when people get the game through steam.

    The game also suffers from a server case of consolitis. It is a direct port. Here is a tip for you Epic and People Can Fly. PC users never turn of their machines when they are in the middle of playing a game. Playing on a PC we have alot of buttons that we can use. Stop putting 5 actions on 1 button. Slide and Sprint should be seperate buttons on the PC version. Byt the way, why is there no Jump button? This game could really do with the use of a jump button.

    One final thing, Playing through the game on normal, for a singleplayer focused game, the campagin was over way to quickly on normal difficulty and does not offer any replay value appart from a small amount of Co OP.

    • How can a game know that which it is not programmed to? The game is very much a parody of most modern shooter, the way they give you crappy rewards for every tiny thing that you have done; Bulletstorm parodies this by just throwing them at you for doing the stuff that you’re going to do but by making them comedic so that you actually pay attention to them.
      I’ve never had a problem with G4WL so I can’t comment on your dissatisfaction with it. And from reading your statement, you haven’t provided a clear reason as to why it sucks.
      I agree with you on the whole mapping buttons thing, this is Epic here, they used to be so good with doing that.
      As for replay value, do you not notice that you’re being scored on stuff? Isn’t there stuff to collect and destroy in this game? Also, the game is very much Multiplayer orientated, with player scoring and the like. It’s competitive in a team environment, just because it isn’t deathmatch, or some team variation on it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not multiplayer focused.
      A game shouldn’t have to tell you to replay it, you should want to. As an aside, this is a problem I’ve noticed with modern games, people will just replay it for the achievements then never touch it again… whatever happened to just wanting to play a game, reach a highscore / explore the the wilderness / own some godlike bots?
      I didn’t actually intend this to sound negative, just your comment was one that a few gamers have been whinging about and was the most convenient at the time to post this response to. Apologies.

  • Ehhh it was good enough. A decent amount of single-player content. Takes a bit longer than necessary to get into the game “proper”, though (with the skillshots), and the skillshot stuff is cool but needs a lot of work (greater variety of shots, for a start, as well as more environments in which to do cool moves). Plus the NPCs always get in the way when you’re trying to do a tricky move. As for the NPCs, they are utterly useless until you have a bad guy in your grasp and are about to skillshot him to bits, when suddenly your buddies take the blanks out of their guns and start using real bullets, blowing away the dude you’re trying to throw in a grinder or whatever.

  • I was a bit disappointed. Especially once the novelty wore off. It’s a beautiful game, but it’s a little more than a glorified Serious Sam with Fatality Points.

  • Other than one or two moments when it chugged for a moment the first hour or so was quite fun.
    When I went back to it I found that trying to continue freezes the system (or in one case it rebooted it, but i guess it meant I didn’t have to hit the power button myself).
    In short the PC version is buggy and clearly not well tested and should probably be avoided until they start patching.
    (yes I know some of you have had it working, but I haven’t. It played fine but not being able to continue means I don’t want to play it.)

    • I played the PC version as well. It stuttered too much in scene transitions and coming in/out of scripted events and cutscenes. It reminded me a lot of when I first played GEARS OF WAR on PC – it was a stuttering mess. It wasn’t until later that the game was playable, and I’m sure that was attributable to the subsequent patches.

      I think the developer (PEOPLE CAN FLY) need to be more careful when porting the code over to the PC, especially when it comes to background streaming and texture streaming (because, you know, the PC isn’t restricted to 512MB of RAM!).

      I had a little play with the INI files (which needed 3rd party software to get around the encryption). I could choose to turn off background streaming (so that it pre-loaded instead of doing it on the fly), and I could also increase the pool for texture streaming.

      In the end the game still didn’t feel completely fluid and stable for me (rife with micro pauses and hitching). I’ll wait for patches before playing it again.

  • I also need to mention that a few of the weapons are kinda useless and the sniper rifle is the most disappointing weapon of it’s type in any game I’ve played in recent memory.

    The whole slow-mo and controlling the bullet seems like a nice idea, but the target seems to get way too much time to get out of the way. Every time you use the rifle, you have to chase the target with the bullet at the last moment which makes it quite difficult, and a pain in the ass.

    • And, if you aim for the explosive barrel behind the target… it’ll tell you you missed once you pass the enemy.

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