Here's Doom — Running On A Graphing Calculator

Here, folks, is gaming on the original handheld - a calculator. While you're still snickering over spelling out BOOBLESS and HELL upside down on yours, some guy's gone and run Doom - real Doom - on a Texas Instruments Nspire.

The admin of the TI calculator enthusiast site (i.e. - gang o' nerds) Omnimaga got the game running for about 30 seconds before it crashed the calculator. Not bad, since the device has, roughly, the memory and processing power of a mid-1990s desktop.

Video of nDOOM running on a real calc (Re-uploaded!) [Omnimaga]


    Mid-90s desktop?

    But Doom95 was able to play on desktops just fine, without crashing... :P

      Mmmm haha. Whoops. I think the editor just made a random guess without knowing what computers were like when Doom came out.

    Man, puts my Graphic Calculator's Tanks to shame.

    thankfully the school made us buy the calculator :D
    though ndless wont work on current firmware :(

    Many years ago It works on ZX Spectrum :)

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