Smouldering First Trailer For X-Men: First Class Tells The Real Story Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

Smouldering First Trailer For X-Men: First Class Tells The Real Story Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

Holy crap, it is on. The guitar-saturated trailer for X-Men: First Class issues a bold challenge to Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor to raise their game. And the Kennedy-era setting actually adds a whole new layer of coolness to the whole affair. But what do you think? [via Facebook]

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    • Like all comic book movies it takes bits and peices here and there. Honestly the use of the Kennedy-era reminds me of New Frontier more than anything else, and that’s a good comparison to make.

    • Not really. If it was the actual first class, Magneto would have alreay turned and the team would be Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman and MarvelGirl.

      X would already be in the chair.
      And bald.

      aA mix is a decent explanation as it borrows here and there from various periods of Xmen history. And does plenty of new stuff.

  • This is the first I’ve heard of this movie. Are they still planning on doing X-Men Origins: Magneto or did they drop that?

    • This IS, for all intents and purposes, the X-Men Origins: Magneto movie. Only now it’s more of an Xavier/Magneto one. I think they wisely decided to avoid the “Origins” moniker after Wolverine was so bloody awful.

  • Every X-Men movie inevitably ruins at least some part of the continuity. In this one, Emma Frost is an adult woman during the Cold War, meaning she’s roughly the same age as Xavier/Magneto. Yet in Wolverine, she was a teenage girl in a roughly-80s setting and now the same age as Cyclops (the correct one).

    • In real time She was an adult in the 60s.

      Also Emma is a lot older than she lets you beleive, it has also been established she payed a lot of money making herslef look as “good” as she does.

      If you follow comic book continuity to the letter she was born a brunette, but I choose to ignore that pisspoor series.

      • Oh for sure, the sheer amount of continuity errors and anachronisms in Wolverine make it hard to take seriously. But I just wish they maintained some quality control with these spin-offs.

        The Emma Frost in Wolverine was obviously supposed to be a teenager, and at the end, we’re supposed to assume she joins Xavier’s school with Cyclops. Yet, in First Class, she’s the same age as Xavier, and it’s safe to assume they meet in this movie too.

        Hopefully they’ll admit their error, instead of retconning in some amnesia so Xavier apparently forgets about this student in his school, who uses the same name and looks exactly like a woman from his youth…hhmmm.

  • This looks much artier and cooler than I was expecting. It took this trailer to make me realise how awesome a movie like this would be with James McAvovy and Michael Fassbender in the lead roles. They need to start pushing the whole “From the director of Kick-Ass” thing too.

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