The Hilarious Agony Of An Old Smurfs Video Game


    Old games were.... Come on, journalist!

    "If I wasn't naked right now", pretty sure that was the funniest/creepiest line.

    I used to have this game on my 2600.. i know the pain this guy was going through.. it was such a super horrible game! drove me crazy!

    I am actually a very good writer and full of videogame knowledge but Kotaku never even reply to me when I apply for a position. Oh, and I rarely make spelling and punctuation errors.

    Well I guess it's who you know right?

    Please stop promoting his videos. They used to be funny back when he first started doing them, but now he just tries too hard to be funny. Every one of his gameplay and commentary videos is exactly the same. Try this, fail, say something about nipples, try something else, fail, say something about genitalia or bodily fluids etc... etc...

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