The NGP Has The Potential To “Define What Portable Gaming Is”

The NGP Has The Potential To “Define What Portable Gaming Is”

The NGP Has The Potential To “Define What Portable Gaming Is”You’d expect that Ready At Dawn Creative Director, Ru Weerasuriya, would be one of the first to big up the NGP – considering his team really were the premier developers on the PSP – but it still warms the cockles of our hearts. And has us wondering if Ready at Dawn has already started developing an NGP God of War title.

“I have a smile on my face whenever we talk about the NGP,” claimed Weerasurya, speaking at DICE last week, “because I think overall that console has the potential to really define what portable gaming is. You know, we did that also with the PS3 and all that, but the NGP — not only with the touch screen capability, but the screen, and just the capacity of actually making a game that’s probably better than PS3 games that you can make right now – for me, it’s like the thing. For portable gaming I don’t think there’s anything else in the future.”

According to our interview with Nathan Phail-Liff, Art Director at Ready at Dawn, the team creates games that simply take full advantage of the hardware at their disposal – regardless of whether that hardware is a handheld device – so we’re salivating at the thought of what Ready at Dawn could possibly come up with for the NGP.

Considering they have a history of working with Sony properties, and expertly downsizing them for handhelds, would it be too much of a leap to speculate that a NGP God of War game is in the works? Sony would be crazy not to bring one of their most bankable franchises to their new handheld and Ready at Dawn has already proven itself as a world class developer. It’s a match made in heaven. Sorry – a match made in Olympus.

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  • …I hate the idea that I could spend up to $1000 this year just on portable gaming consoles: the NGP looks like a great piece of hardware (despite few details on the games) but I can’t ignore the games on the 3DS.

    It’s all very impressive, but by the end of the year I predict I would’ve sold off several non-essential organs.

  • Don’t really care about God of War. I want to see Valkyria Chronicles 4 on NGP. No more compromised port with the watercolor style removed and the areas constrained to next to nothing because the platform can’t handle it.

    Failing that, I want to see a quality group like Ready at Dawn actually produce something original. They’re easily capable of it, but they end up just doing portable games based off existing franchises instead. Maybe they simply don’t want to go through the motions of creating their own original work, but the early days of a new platform are generally considered to be the best time to be launching a new franchise, and the NGP will need to have some games that really take advantage of the hardware. PSP was held back for years by the fact that the vast bulk of its games were PS1 ports or PS2 tie-ins.

    • I want to see Valkyria Chronicles 4 on PS3. I guess the extra power of NGP might make it viable to do it for both platforms rather than just making a cut-down portable version.

    • I want it on PS3. And back to VC1’s art style, and none of the schoolyard anime bullshit with cookie cutter characters and horrible plotlines/voice acting.

      Oh hey Avan/Naruto! Want to go have a gratuitous swimsuit scene before we go have our loyalty mission with the wholesome cross dresser and creepy incest boy?

    • Ready At Dawn’s hardly the most balanced voice in this matter, considering they’re probably the pre-eminent PSP studio and are responsible for many of that system’s best games. It’s in their interest to hype the NGP up as much as possible.

      And yes, people went bonkers over the 3DS too.

  • hmm, wonder how the god of war quicktime events would work as tap-screen events, instead of flashing up a specific key to press you get a single hotspot onscreen you need to tap to execute the action

  • What do I think their first order of business should be for the ngp?

    Porting a certain game that starts with o and ends in kami to it! You did for the wii, and you don’t even like the wii!

  • Hmmm.. i seem to recall back on ye olde E3 when PSP was anounced all the jazz that it would be a Ninty DS killer w/ all that kit and kaboodle and all DS had was a dinky “touch screen” no one would want, awkward to use, etc. etc.

    We all know how that turned out =P

    It’s all about the games *period* You can put all the fanciest stuff on your product but if it’s gaming library isn’t up to scratch its not gonna do much in the long term. What will be the decider on which handheld will define handheld gaming is the games that come out. Either way.. i’ll stick to a wait and see for NGP..

  • Why would people buy God of War on a portable when they have it on PS3?
    Make your games different to the Console version and it might not flop this time Sony.
    It’s only Sony Devs jizzing themselves, the rest are getting moist from the 3DS

    • ppl that don’t have a PS3, or people who have to fly a lot.

      I don’t own a PS3 but I’m getting an NGP as soon as it comes out and it means I won’t have to miss out on all the PS3 exclusives anymore since the vast majority of them will be coming out on NGP as well because of how easy they’ve made it for developers to make the same game for both PS3 and NGP.

    • Flop? It’s sold 66 million units and still counting. That’s far from a flop. It’s significantly more than either the 360 or the PS3 have managed so far.

    • @moloko
      The portable versions are different to the the home console versions…
      A lot of the big titles for the 3DS are ports as a matter of fact…
      When the NGP was announced it was already promised brand all new games and got a full list of developers ready to support it. From 2K to Rock* to Capcom all the way to SEGA buddy…
      The NGP is a technical achievement because it’s the PS3 (the most powerful console to date) on the go.
      Nintendo just found another way to be so gimmicky that it doesn’t make sense. It’s just the DS with 3D, what does that accomplish?
      Sorry to go all fanboyish on you :/ but you know it’s true, feel free to pick me apart in the comments and question my sexuality…

  • This made me laugh… “the potential to redefine what portable gaming is”?? This guy is really just jerking off.

    I think people are simply getting excited that after five or so years, we’re actually seeing some new, more powerful gaming hardware. Something in console land that’s actually pushing the technology… as opposed to Move and Kinect being made out as “new technology”, and making us wait even longer for the next generation of home consoles.

    The PSP2 isn’t going to redefine shit though. It’s just ahead of the home consoles by a beat. Within a year or so, the next home consoles will be announced at least, if not actually released, and I can’t imagine them not being several times more powerful.

    The only thing I can see this doing that the PSP didn’t do back then (for it’s hardware generation) was having true cross platform games that are the same across the PS3 and the handheld. Booooooring… I bet there’ll be no more than a handful of games that do this before developers start focusing on the next gen home consoles (whenever they’re coming) so we’ll have the gap back between home consoles and portables before you know it.

    • I agree, its the original psp all over again! sonys idea of innovation seems to be to just throw as much power in it as possible. im a psp owner by the way and enjoyed it, but the npg fails to excite me. Lets face it, we are gonna see mostly ps3 ports and spin offs:( personally i’d love to see Dark Cloud 3 on it but doubt that’ll ever happen. Ill stick to 3DS thanks. Sony need some fresh new ideas, ppl dont want the same crap over and over. Kinect vs. Move is a classic example

      • Agreed and agreed.

        It seems like throwing everything in there plus the kitchen sink is their idea of making a great console. Redefine? sorry that’s a bit of a stretch for any gamer that’s seen this all before. In each console generation it’s never been the most powerful system that takes the lead. It’s the one with the good price point and the great games.

  • “I think overall that console has the potential to really define what portable gaming is. You know, we did that also with the PS3 and all that…”

    No you didn’t. Shut up.

    Honestly, I know most companies are arrogant about their products, but Sony just takes it to a ridiculous level. It’s the whole “the next generation starts when we say so” crap again.

  • As mentioned by Braaains, the PSP has shipped/sold over 66 million units (I think they pushed 70M at their last meeting), this is nothing to sneeze at, this is the single best portable console outside a Nintendo brand who have dominated for over 20 years on this scene.

    It’s success I felt came from consumers wanting a PS2 experience in a portable nature, consumers wanted a GTA, MGS, etc… in portable form. Alot of these games we got are great, but in 99% of all cases one of the negatives were the controls, not to say they were bad, but there was a lack of 2nd analogue stick.

    Nintendo gave us the stylus, Apple brought in touch screen controls, dual analogue controls came first with the PSone, today it’s standard, so why can’t a 2nd analogue stick be the same for the portable market? So yes I agree, the NGP could redefine the portable console market.

    As for the “has no games” argument, I agree the software side of the PSP really did fall away after a few years on the market, but as the NGP is supposedly easier to make for, multiple control type options, there is almost limitless options for developers.

    I would argue that Niintendo are playing it very safe this time around and basically only really adding in 3D functions. To me, this is something I don’t want in a portable space, where some games will require you to be looking at the screen from certain angles, if you break that look the effect is lost… there have been a few game concepts for the 3DS that I certainly do NOT want in a portable space. eg:

  • They should really start using pictures of the NGP from more flattering angles. The front-on mugshot makes the thing just look like a regular PSP that wolfed some donuts and let itself go.

    Welcome to Fat Foighters.

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