The PlayStation 4 Is Still Pie In The Sky Talk

The PlayStation 4 Is Still Pie In The Sky Talk

The PlayStation 3 came out in 2006. That doesn’t matter, people want to know about the PlayStation 4. Thing is, Sony’s still focusing on the PS3. Oh, and the NGP.

From the get-go, Sony said that the PS3 will have a 10-year lifecycle. That doesn’t mean, Sony can’t or won’t release the inevitable PS4 during that time span. Heck, the PS3 is out, and the 11-year-old PlayStation 2 is still selling.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai reiterates the PS3’s 10-year life cycle in a piece on website PC Watch. “We’re not even at the halfway point,” Hirai says, adding that compelling titles are coming out from Sony’s game studios and third-party studios. “Every year, we reveal and release new features,” Hirai adds, pointing out that this is the bring the PS3 to its full potential.

“That’s why, we’re not deliberating on a PS4 or a next generation machine, whatever you call it,” Hirai adds, underlining what Sony’s been saying for years. There are rumours that R&D for a new console was put on ice, but shifted to the NGP.

But for large electronic companies like Sony, R&D is constant and endless. They don’t suddenly decide one weekend to start work on a new machine – that would catch them flatfooted. Even Nintendo concedes that it is continuing working on new products. It’s not whether these companies are developing new machines, it’s if and when these new machines hit stores. So for the time being, enjoy your PS3 and look forward to the NGP or maybe even that rumoured tablet.

【後藤弘茂のWeekly海外ニュース】 秒読みのNGPとますます遠のくPlayStation 4 [PC Watch]


    • I get kind of tired of this.

      You know what? It. Doesn’t. Matter. Nintendo brings out an analogue stick. Sony adds a second one. Microsoft makes it comfortable to hold.

      It’s called evolution, and it’s a damn good thing. We win from it….the only people who don’t are the fanboys who need something to whine about on forums.

  • We don’t need Kaz to tell us they’re nowhere near announcing the PS4. The fact that every single detail of it hasn’t leaked out yet suggests that any official announcement is still at least 6 – 12 months away 😛

  • there is no way that they can honestly believe that a hand held will be able to surpass what a home console can do… The Playstation 4 has been rumored and pushed back a couple of times, I have been following along closely at its amazing how many concept designs and such have been submitted to them… there is also a survey asking gamers when they expect the Playstation 4 and most think it will be announced in 2012

  • Chances are Sony is in the design stages of the PS4 – or several PS4 prototypes. They’d be fools not to be, just as I assume Microsoft and Nintendo to be doing the same.

    The statement here is, of course, to say that Sony’s putting it’s focus on existing products. And why not? They exist. It’s to be expected. The PS4 will be a side project at the moment next to ongoing support for the PS3, PSP and the upcoming NGP, plus whatever this tablet thing may be and the phones.

  • I hope Sony and Microsoft aren’t planning to release their next consoles anytime soon. Maybe kids have a $1000 to waste on a new video game console, but I assume the majority of us older gamers on struggle street aren’t interested in the ‘next’ gen.

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