First Details On Sony's Weird PlayStation Tablet

Sony has another PlayStation-powered product coming in the form of an unusual Android-based tablet device, currently dubbed the "S1". Like the recently (and finally) confirmed Xperia Play phone from Sony Ericsson, the rumoured gaming tablet will also play PSone games.

Engadget reports first details on Sony's foray into gaming tablets will be powered by its video, music and ebook digital service and that it will come pre-loaded with classic PlayStation games, just like the Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson's "PSP phone".

Whether the "S1" tablet is PlayStation Suite certified seems to be unclear.

What makes the design of this rumoured PlayStation tablet unusual is its folded design, which the report likens to a folded magazine, offering a better grip on the iPad-sized device. So, yes, it will reportedly look less like the mock-up above and more like Engadget's drawing of the hardware.

Engadget's report backs up a March 2010 report from the Wall Street Journal, which foretold of a PlayStation phone and a second device that "blurs distinctions among a netbook, an e-reader and a PlayStation Portable".

At this year's CES, PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai said that Sony would launch "a line of Sony tablets... building upon the video, music, game and book offerings on our Qriocity and our PlayStation Network services to deliver a compelling, unique experience for Sony across a wide range of consumer electronic devices."

Exclusive: Sony 'S1' PlayStation tablet (updated) [Engadget]


    So will it do all a NGP will do?

      Yup, all without the convenience of physical buttons that actually allow you to control things properly *cough*iphonegames*cough*

    Guess what? My PSone can play PSone games too! And also my PS2.

      and my ps3

        And my axe!

        and any other android device with the PSX emulator on the market.

          and yo momma!

            True, she has been known to play the odd PS1 game

              Well done sir, well done

              My mum used to like the creator wrestler feature on WWF N64 (or was it WCW?)

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