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You wait weeks for Reader Reviews and then two come at once -- what fould wizardry is this? This review in particular is a very good one. If you've ever thought about getting an Xperia Play for gaming, then this is about as definitive a review as you'll get. Great job Michael Hart.


Markus "Notch" Persson tweeted a picture today of his popular PC game Minecraft running on the Xperia Play. The game, it seems, is set to be shown off during E3 on the Sony Ericcson device. Developer Majong also confirmed to Kotaku this morning, that it will be appearing on Android before iPhone.


We had a look at the Xperia Play, and left a little unconvinced. Angus Kidman, the Australian Editor of our sister site Lifehacker, however, felt differently. In the interests of fairness the pair of us decided to duke it out over the issue - am I wrong about the Xperia Play? Find out below!