This Minecraft Phone Is Ugly

I like Minecraft's retro, blocky graphics. They work. But man, this phone is hideous.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia isn't a good looking piece of hardware! So a Minecraft Xperia phone, no matter how good it looks, is already starting at a disadvantage.

Maybe it's the Minecraft logo near the phone's camera lens. Or how the Sony Ecrisson logo below it sticks out. Maybe it's the streak of Minecraft dirt that covers so much of the phone. Maybe it's me.

This limited edition phone is up on eBay, with bids currently over $US1300. So perhaps I'm the jerk with bad taste, and all those people know class when they see it.

The phone will also apparently be a prize at this year's Gamescom, so if you like the phone, but don't like paying over a thousand clams for it, try winning it there.

Today, Minecraft - Pocket Edition hit Android Xperia Play. It's priced at $US6.99.

Limited edition Minecraft Xperia Play up for auction [Ubergizmo]


    Ugh another minecraft post?

    Looks bad, would like to see this sort of thing more often if done better

    I like it :D I don't have enough money for it though :(

    my xperia is a piece of Sh*t. I used to be a Sony ERICSSON!! (not Ecrisson as in the article LOL)fan boy but have had such a terrible experience with it that i wont be getting another for many years 2 come.

    I like it. When I see the grassy dirt block and the blue sky I immediately think of the "sunrise" tune, which makes me happy.


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