The PlayStation Phone Looks Better In White

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play, the device we used to call the PlayStation Phone, isn't the prettiest thing on the planet. Swap the drab silver out for a creamy white, though, and things are looking up.

This white version of the handheld will be offered by British telco O2 when the Play goes on sale in the UK in a few months time. It doesn't make the thing look perfect, far from it, but it does at least make it look quite a bit more stylish.

I don't know what it is about proper white consoles (not the muddy shade the old 360 came in) that makes them look better, but from the Japan-only "Pure White" Xbox to the Japan-only-again "Ceramic White" PlayStation 3, they usually always look better than the original model.


    I thought it was an air conditioner when I saw the thumbnail.

      Fail hard... perhaps get your eyes checked?

    That white XBOX 1 creeps me out for some reason.

    Forget looks, make it connect to PSN.

    nothing looks better in white... except maybe teeth

    White hand held devices don't tend to stay white for very long, but I agree they do look much prettier

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