The PlayStation Phone Isn’t REALLY The PlayStation Phone

The PlayStation Phone Isn’t REALLY The PlayStation Phone

The PlayStation Phone Isn’t REALLY The PlayStation PhoneFor months we’ve heard rumour of a ‘PlayStation Phone’ being released, and speculated with regards to what the specs and capabilities of said phone would be. Well, after showing an ad during the Superbowl, and casually mentioning the product on Facebook, Sony has set their phasers to ‘underwhelm’ – revealing that the PlayStation Phone isn’t really a PlayStation anything. It’s merely the latest Sony Xperia handset – which will have access to all the fancy PlayStation Suite options discussed before the NGP reveal.

Basically it’s a handset with buttons, which is probably what the PlayStation Phone would have been had it been the actual PlayStation Phone, but still – it feels like a bit of a let down. Now we know why the device wasn’t mentioned during Sony’s NGP conference.

The whole thing just seems bizarre – Sony has basically advertised a product before announcing it. Which is strange.

Regardless, you can check out the ad shown during the Superbowl below.

Sony Ericsson makes Xperia Play official in Super Bowl commercial, full launch coming February 13th [Engadget]


  • All the dumb gadget blogs fawning over a ‘Playstation Phone’ did the announcing for them. Completely planned by Sony no doubt

  • That sounds just fine to me. An Android phone with proper gaming controls instead of the ghastly on-screen touch controllers that we’re currently stuck with. The ability to play classic PSOne games (as well as SNES, Megadrive etc) thorugh emulation using a proper controller would make me very happy indeed.

    I’d be much more likely to buy this than an NGP or 3DS.

    • See the thing is that it’s much more likely to happen on thengp in my mind I mean this phone ain’t a beast of a machine. And one would think that Sony is probably only going to keep that stuff for there portable since they haven’t really tried anything of that level with any of the old xperia sets

      Though I do think the playstation
      Branding was dropped to avoid confusion as well

      • But they’ve already announced that those PS1 games are coming to this Android phone. It doesn’t need to be a beast of a phone to run 10-15 year old PS1 games. And the SNES, Megadrive etc stuff is already there, the makers of those emulators just need to update their apps to use the physical controls if they’re present. Hopefully they’ll do that. I’ve got SuperGNES on my HTC Desire and its great, but games like Super Mario World just require more precision than the touchscreen-based SNES pad can provide. Physical buttons would make it brilliant.

        • “Physical buttons would make it brilliant.”

          but… but… Kinect is the future of gaming remember? You Are The Controller!

          Have MS been lying to me the entire time?

        • yeah when i said that i sort of meant PS2 games as well.

          To me this device is nearly pointless. I can understand the whole proper control’s. But im curious as to how many apps will be made specifically for it other than by sony unless other Game Friendly Droid handhelds rock up on the Scene

          • I don’t need apps made specifically for it. Just having support for it included in apps – so if you’ve got the buttons you can use them, if not use the touchscreen – would be good enough for me.

            I don’t want to be carrying more than 1 gadget around with me, and my phone wins that contest by default. I also don’t do so much mobile gaming that I need eyeball-meltingly good graphics. Hell, the thing I play most on my phone is Live Holdem Poker. So if I can just play classic PS1/SNES/Megadrive games on my phone then that’d be more than enough to keep me happy.

            It certainly won’t scratch the itch for people who want a more powerful, dedicated mobile gaming device, and they can get the NGP/3DS. But for people such as myself who don’t need/want a dedicated handheld console, this sounds like the perfect mobile gaming platform (assuming the phone, media player, etc. functionality are up to scratch, of course).

    • Indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the next step for the Iphone. With all the amazing games and the attractive sales figure, the only thing keeping away “real gamers” from it is the lack of proper controls in games that requires them (i.e. basically anything that’s not Angry Birds.)

  • I actually don’t mind that. I haven’t jumped into the smartphone wars yet but if those controls work with regular android games as well as the Playstation Suite ones then I might be interested (depending on the price though!).

    I think it would have been instant death for a genuine Playstation Phone, by tacking onto an established device there’s less risk for Sony and a better chance of it being successful.

  • Fine with this also, Real Portable Gaming and Phones can be kept separate forever, I have no dramas carrying 2 devices around for it.

    A phone that is compatible with the PlayStation Suite, which will also be supported by the NGP and PS3… They are slowly getting all their tech to talk to each other.

  • That commercial is going to give me nightmares.
    Nothing like grafted on twitching thumbs to advertise a product, amirite?

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