The PlayStation Phone Isn’t REALLY The PlayStation Phone

For months we’ve heard rumour of a ‘PlayStation Phone’ being released, and speculated with regards to what the specs and capabilities of said phone would be. Well, after showing an ad during the Superbowl, and casually mentioning the product on Facebook, Sony has set their phasers to ‘underwhelm’ – revealing that the PlayStation Phone isn’t really a PlayStation anything. It’s merely the latest Sony Xperia handset – which will have access to all the fancy PlayStation Suite options discussed before the NGP reveal.

Basically it’s a handset with buttons, which is probably what the PlayStation Phone would have been had it been the actual PlayStation Phone, but still – it feels like a bit of a let down. Now we know why the device wasn’t mentioned during Sony’s NGP conference.

The whole thing just seems bizarre – Sony has basically advertised a product before announcing it. Which is strange.

Regardless, you can check out the ad shown during the Superbowl below.

Sony Ericsson makes Xperia Play official in Super Bowl commercial, full launch coming February 13th [Engadget]


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