The Tekken Luchadora Might Be Mysterious, But She Moves In Familiar Ways

Upcoming arcade fighter Tekken Tag 2 showed off its newest trailer at an arcade gaming event in Chiba, Japan. But is it a KO?

The trailer features mysterious luchadora Jaycee, who is reminiscent of another character, Julia Chang. When Kotaku Japan got hands on with the game (and the character!), it said that playing Jaycee is extremely like Julia, adding that the character won't be uncomfortable at all for those who typically use Julia and furthering speculation that they are one in the same.

Jinpachi Mishima is the other new character for Tekken Tag 2. While Jinpachi is typically a last boss, Kotaku Japan points to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection as a reference point (he can be unlocked in the game) for Tekken Tag 2.

Tekken Tag 2 will be out later this (northern hemisphere) summer in Japan, and it will feature a customising system that will not only alter the way characters look, but even equip them with items they can use in battle. Besides Jaycee and Jinpachi, every playable character from Tekken 6 will be entering the fray in Tekken Tag 2 for a total of over forty playable characters.

[AOU2011] 『鉄拳タッグ2』覆面レスラー「ジェイシー」はやっぱりジュリアの関係者?同技を多数確認 [Kotaku Japan]


    So we can expect this on PS3 & 360 in.... 2012? 2013? Because with the arcade release being first in Japan, I doubt they will put this on consoles anytime soon

    "...furthering speculation that they are one in the same."
    Her name is Jaycee.
    Julia Chang.
    Speculation? How can she be anyone but?

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