What If Zelda Joined The Breakfast Club?

Imagine The Legend of Zelda wasn't a video game - imagine it was 80s teen movie directed by John Hughes. That movie would probably look a lot like this.

This brilliant vid was brought to you by the same folks that did the hilarious God of War indie movie trailer and, as always, their parodies are absolutely spot on. This is an absolute must watch - it even has a really crappy 80s VHS overlay!

And Tingle.


Thanks to SalsaShark for the heads up


    Is it just me, or do I have a bad case of deja vu?


      Yeah, but I didn't understand the headline. Mark's made far more sense!

    Haha, top shelf, especially @ 0:52 "well excuse me, princess", a call back to Link's times as a dodgy 2d animation.

    I'd watch it.

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