Why The 3DS Looks A Little… Weird

We've already declared our undying love for Iwata Asks – a regular section that has Nintendo Mega Boss Satoru Iwata asking probing questions of all his designers and staff. This time the focus is on the 3DS and, more specifically, its unique design. Apparently it's symbolic – they "wanted to represent through the design how all kinds of content would come in, not just when you went out walking around with it, but also when you just had it sitting at home." Also – it makes it easier to open.

It all seems a little self-indulgent, since the 3DS design is very, very similar to the Nintendo DS, but it still gives a fascinating insight into the massive process behind designing and creating a console like the 3DS – and the effort Nintendo put into every aspect of production.

Still, I'm not the biggest fan of the design – and can't help but wonder if a slicker, more seamless 3DS is already in the works. But – will I still be queuing up with everyone else day one to spend up to $400 on this bad boy?


Iwata Asks: Nintendo 3DS [Nintendo]


    Wait. Is it $400? I must've missed the press release.

      Nah, just my estimate. We'll find out for sure on the 8th of Feb.

        $400? I think you are about $200 off.

        Unless games get bumped from $80 to $120, which they might anyway

          Do you REALLY think Nintendo will release this game at $100 cheaper than the DSi? Please. There's a time for wishful thinking but that's just naive.

        Still people shouldn't be surprised if it is.

        EBgames just changed their listing to $398. I would say that is your price right there.

        A) The link doesn't seem to work for me, and

        B) Even if the 3DS is $400 I'll still be trying to justify buying it - "it's 3D! It's gonna have lots of cool games!" etc.

      Eb games have it priced at $398, I won't be buying it at that price. Way too much for a handheld imo.

      Captain import to the rescue!

    Yeah it doesn't look very slick at all. Compare that to the DS lite and it looks quite clunky. Like the original DS did I suppose......

      It's almost as if they've made it clunky on purpose..

      Surely they take room for revisions into consideration :)

    I'm not a massive fan of the design. When I saw those photos that somebody took of it when they got their hands on it (I think it was that chinese factory guy?), I was like "is that the cradle on the bottom" Then I saw it wasnt and then just thought "...wtf?"

    My prediction, 3DS Lite will be announce in a year

    I'll wait until the inevitable 3DS lite. This thing is plain old ugly as sin. I hate the multiple layers and colours it looks like a fisher price toy.

    Different, certainly, but I like the new twist they've put on it.

    Much better than the original DS, less rigid than the DSi and the horizontal stripes make it look shorter.

    I lost a couple of nerd points with a fashion reference, yes, but I learned it from an episode of Daria, so I earn some of them back.

    The more I think about the NGP, the more I like the concept of it as a device and the more it offers for the price (...there's no way it'd be over $600, right?). So, that leaves me a little bit confused about the 3DS - SSFIV is the only game I feel compelled to buy at launch, maybe DoA but there's not much of a distinction between them...

    A month ago, I would've happily paid (well... tolerated at least) $400 for the 3DS at launch but now, I probably need to hear <$350 to get me over the line (and with Nintendo's track record it's unlikely).

    As for the design... well, it doesn't get me hot'n'bothered, but it's acceptable.

      Sony would have to be stark freaking mad to charge $600 or more, but it could very well be a certainty. Its a crazy world we live in. I think it will be about $500.

        Yeah don't get me wrong - I don't have $600 to drop on it (would probably take me 6 months to save), but if we're expecting the the 3DS to be $400 and the NGP has some really amazing hardware... it's everything but a phone (even then, with 3G, it might just be) and you're lucky if you can find a smartphone for under $600 if you wanna buy outright.

        It would be insane, probably a horrible precedent too, but I wouldn't be surprised.

      I am going to stand by my earlier estimates of the NGP launching here in Aus for at least $650-700. Sony Australia is worse then Nintendo Aus IMO and they are going to keep it at that price for at least a year.

      Also i have taken numerous bets that the 3DS will not launch in Australia for more then $375 (i still reckon it is going to launch at $350).

        Sony's greedy. But they're not that stupid. The PSPGo launched at the highly inflated price of $450 and was absolutely hammered.

        I think it'll be $500 +/- $50.

      Here its below $600


        That's only regarding the US price so it doesn't do much to discredit the estimates made in the comments above. If the NGP is around $499 or even $399 in the US, we could still be looking at a $600+ local price.

    I'll just wait for the 3DS lite. Or the 3DSi. Or the 3DSXL. Or the 4DS.

      Lol, the 4DS: now with the ability to pause time!

    I can see the DS outselling the 3DS & NGP for some time... As the only budget portable in a market full of ios and android devices that offer ever increasing gaming returns it will remain the go to portable for alot of parents etc., while the average gamer will ignore the new boys until a price drop or two.

    Work for one of the big 3 game stores, spoke to a nintendo rep today there still being tight lipped of course but they are only finding out themselves tonight his estimates were $349... there doesnt seem to be a great list of launch titles either but i like most of you will be purcahsing it regardless.

    The three-tone colour looks a bit strange when the 3DS is closed - and certainly from that direct front-on angle - but from what I've seen it actually looks pretty nice when it's open.

    The launch window sucks. but I'm still gonna buy.

    This article could be summed up as: It's too expensive, looks funny and disappointing. But I'll still buy the shit out of it because it's a Nintendo handheld.

    it may be ugly, it may be expensive it may have fail tech trying to shoot beyond our current capabilities. But you will buy it because you want pokemon.


    My daughter is weighing up the 32GB IpodTouch against the 3DS, at the moment the scales weigh heavily in favour of the Ipodtouch. If the price for the 3DS is significantly more than the 32GB Touch it's going to be extremly hard to justify the 3DS.

    Well i love the new design

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