Miyamoto, You Sly Old Fox…

I’ve already declared that Iwata Asks is the greatest thing on the internet, but this just proves it. Steel Diver originally began development as a DSi game – that’s pretty much common knowledge. What isn’t common knowledge is the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto actually withheld the fact that the 3DS was being created, in order to focus his team on the game itself instead of gimmicks. Miyamoto, you sly old fox!

Miyamoto: I didn’t tell them about the Nintendo 3DS system for quite a long time. (laughs) Not until it was almost done.

Iwata: You didn’t tell them on purpose? (laughs)

Miyamoto: Yeah. (laughs) I knew the game was perfect for the Nintendo 3DS system, but I was afraid that if we switched from the Nintendo DS system to the Nintendo 3DS system in the middle of development, the contents wouldn’t be thoroughly fine-tuned. So after the Nintendo DS version was about done, I said, “Let’s shift this over to the Nintendo 3DS system.”

And then later in the interview…

Miyamoto: Yeah. I stayed behind the scenes. (gesturing as if manipulating a marionette) Like this. (laughs)

Everyone: (laughs)

So there you have it. Shigeru Miyamoto – creator of Mario, Genius…


Iwata Asks [Nintendo]

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