Your Neighbours Are About To Invite You To Wii Sex Parties

You've bowled. You've gotten fit. And now you can use your Nintendo Wii console to throw a swinger's party.

Nintendo's amazing machine is getting a new game called We Dare, a game for those in need of more action. We Dare enlists a group of merely good friends to become a group of friends who enjoy the benefits of spanking and kissing each other — when they aren't stripping for each other.

We Dare is an extraordinary and real (!) Wii game from French game publisher Ubisoft. We thought it was too sexy to be true, until we found, that, yes, Ubi is really going to sell what it calls a "Sexy Party Game".

Who needs Mario to get that lady you like hot and bothered? You've got these official features:

A WIDE AND VARIED RANGE OF 40 FUN AND FLIRTATIOUS GAMES • Select the mood of your party: Enchanting, Persuasive, Naughty, Adventurous and Brainy. • Dance to your favourite tunes from film and radio. • Challenge your mates to a flirty strip-tease. • Multiplayer up to 4 players. • A HILARIOUS LIGHT-HEARTED ATMOSPHERE WITH CLEVER CHARACTERS, COY MINI-GAMES AND INTERNATIONALLY POPULAR MUSIC HITS: SUCH AS SEX BOMB, (I'VE HAD THE) TIME OF MY LIFE AND MANY OTHERS!

The game is also supposed to come out for the PlayStation 3, leaving only Xbox 360 fans without a 21st-century way to swing the bottle. The game's got a 2011 release date in Europe, and Ubisoft's American public relations team tells us it's Europe-only. What, Americans couldn't handle this?

We Dare [Ubisoft UK, via a million Tweets]


    My god!! Just when i thought Wii promo videos couldn't get any worse this comes along to burn my eyes.
    Don't know what all the mini games are like but it's lucky that they have those rubber covers on the wiimotes.
    The nursing homes would LOVE this for when the old folks have had enough of Wii Bowling. Spanking and false teeth going everywhere.

    OK that's enough, i think i just burnt my own brain.

    Whatever happened to good, old fashioned sex parties without all the hi-tech? Back when I was young we used our imagination at orgies! Whoops! Maybe TMI?

    i.i.. don't know what to say! Soon we'll have wii divorce court.

      That'd be cool if you could get Phoenix Wright as your attorney.

    A brainy sex party? Seduce your partner with the sexy curves of a quadratic equation!
    Sin the cos of the person next to you with a tan! QUICK! Show how genecticly compatible you are with the person across from you!

    Well, I'm turned on

    you need to find something more productive to do with your time people. i feel sorry for you to even come up with this or talk about it

    Rob's a douche.

    Swing the bottle, WTF is that??? I remember playing Spin the Bottle....LOL

    You are right to say that Americans couldn't handle this. Although I would enjoy it and almost everyone I know would, the crazy people here (most) would sue, complain, say it is killing their children, etc. XD

    This tries to be sexy and comes across as lame/crass/WEIRD.

    But that's advertising right?

    Beats the hell out of Fondue and throwing your keys in a hat .

    I thought you could name it - Hywii to Hell

    Lol I was expecting to see that some Japanese company had developed it...

    the company name says it all
    well harden up all U-BE Soft coc#s

    Keenkee... I don't even know my neighbours. What a way to say "hello"!

    Clearly you would know what over 310 million Americans wouldn't like.

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