Hey Kids, Enjoy Your Sexy Wii Game

Hey Kids, Enjoy Your Sexy Wii Game

We Dare, the Ubisoft upcoming game for swingers, is rated ages 12-and-up in Europe. Ah, kids these days.

The Wii version game uses the Wii Remote and can support up to four players and their libidos as they play through a whole host of mini-games that include spanking, erotic dancing and pretending the phallic Wii Remote is an apple.

Perfect for 12-year-old kids, apparently! Europe’s PEGI game rating board awarded the title a 12-and-up rating.

“We Dare is intended for a mature audience and Ubisoft created its marketing campaign accordingly,” the game’s France-based publisher tells website CVG. “The PEGI ratings system is decided upon by a pan-European body and the rating for this game was bestowed by the independent PEGI board.”

Ubisoft is also adding a “Parental Discretion Advised” sticker on the game so that parents are aware of the “potential sensitive nature” of the game.

According to PEGI, the reason why the game was only rated 12-and-up was due to the game’s content, which is actually mild and more suggestive than anything else. Well, as mild and suggestive as licking a Wii Remote can be.

News: Erotic PS3/Wii game gets TWELVE rating [CVG]


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