Dragon Quest Was Made By Dudes, Pencils And Cigarettes

Nintendo might've been made by nice old ladies and robots, but Dragon Quest VI was made by dudes who smoke and dudes who drew pictures.

How Video Games Are Made: The Making of Dragon Quest VI is a Japanese children's book that shows the creation process of the classic Super Famicom role-playing game. And since it's a children's book, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii is smoking cigarettes. Just like Miyamoto!

The book focuses on the principal creative forces in the Dragon Quest saga. What makes it so interesting is the behind-the-curtain peek the book gives, whether it be Horii at his teeny-tiny desk hand-writing the game's scenario or at home with his daughters. It's a world those on the outside rarely see.

Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama, who designed the Dragon Quest characters, is also featured, giving a look at Toriyama's studio, which has two small motorcycles in it. Kouichi Sugiyama is best known for creating Dragon Quest's iconic score. He also seems like a cool dude. The book shows him relaxing at home, playing role-playing game Mother 2. He also collects antique cameras. What a neat guy!

The rest of the book gives a rundown on how to the game was developed, programmed and released — also, what kind of coffee they like. It's a book for kids, sure, but it's fascinating. Read the pages Chris Covell kindly scanned and translated. More in the link below.

How Games are Made [Chris Covell via GameSetWatch]


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