Epic Games' New Unreal Engine - This Is What Next Gen Gaming Looks Like

Fresh off the surreptitiously filmed, embargo-breaking train, it's the video footage of the engine that we previously showed you only in stills. This is the engine Epic describes as beyond what modern consoles can do.

It's just one of many signs that a new crop of consoles are coming 'round the bend. [VentureBeat]


    They pay so much attention to every detail then don't put any life in the eyes. Besides that it looks amazing. I think I might have liked the crysis one more though.

    I hope we get a new unreal tournament with the new engine. I agree with AdamD, life in the eyes makes a character.

      A new UT would be super-frabjous!
      UT = Double Awesome
      UT2k3 = red flag has been dropped
      UT2k4 = Ultra Awesome
      UT3 = Humiliation! (well.. respectable but mildly disappointing)
      therefore it must follow that
      UT4/2k12 = M-M-M-Monster Awesome-awesome-awesome

    Definetly looks slick, but Cryengine3 takes your breath away!

      I agree with you on that one!
      Crytek have got the goods at the moment

    Current PC's could handle that shit with ease

      If your current PC has 3 HD 5870s then yes, because that's what it was running on. However the tech demo doesn't have any game logic, AI, physics or whatever else going on, so a game with these graphics would require more power beyond that.

        I meant 5970s

    The question here is, whether or not that's just a pre-rendered cinematic made in the engine, or actual gameplay graphics.

    Still, doesn't look any better than Cryengine 3.

    I think I liked this less because it was created by Epic. Going the GOW-esque masculine dude-bro route of showing this tech off, rather than the serene, beautiful nature of the CryEngine 3 demo was only a detriment to this show.

    Make a Bladerunner or Shadowrun game that looks like this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

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