Epic Games' New Unreal Engine - This Is What Next Gen Gaming Looks Like


    They pay so much attention to every detail then don't put any life in the eyes. Besides that it looks amazing. I think I might have liked the crysis one more though.

    I hope we get a new unreal tournament with the new engine. I agree with AdamD, life in the eyes makes a character.

      A new UT would be super-frabjous!
      UT = Double Awesome
      UT2k3 = red flag has been dropped
      UT2k4 = Ultra Awesome
      UT3 = Humiliation! (well.. respectable but mildly disappointing)
      therefore it must follow that
      UT4/2k12 = M-M-M-Monster Awesome-awesome-awesome

    Definetly looks slick, but Cryengine3 takes your breath away!

      I agree with you on that one!
      Crytek have got the goods at the moment

    Current PC's could handle that shit with ease

      If your current PC has 3 HD 5870s then yes, because that's what it was running on. However the tech demo doesn't have any game logic, AI, physics or whatever else going on, so a game with these graphics would require more power beyond that.

        I meant 5970s

    The question here is, whether or not that's just a pre-rendered cinematic made in the engine, or actual gameplay graphics.

    Still, doesn't look any better than Cryengine 3.

    I think I liked this less because it was created by Epic. Going the GOW-esque masculine dude-bro route of showing this tech off, rather than the serene, beautiful nature of the CryEngine 3 demo was only a detriment to this show.

    Make a Bladerunner or Shadowrun game that looks like this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

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