Is The 3DS Suffering From A "Black Screen Of Death"?

Now that the 3DS is in the hands of customers across the Western world, people are finally playing the thing in large numbers. Large enough, it seems, to have found a "black screen of death" error affecting the handheld.

It doesn't seem terribly widespread, so don't panic. But those who have encountered the error have stated it has appeared playing a multitude of titles (including Ghost Recon, Street Fighter, Monkey Ball and Lego Star Wars) and at various times; sometimes while engaged in online play, other times using the menu system, and other times simple...playing.

While in some cases the suggested reboot has worked for some, others have reportedly had to return their consoles to Nintendo after repeated error messages.

Whether this is affecting 2% or 0.0002% of users, we don't know. All I know is, trust a Nintendo console to get a failure state that has such a cheeky, charming name.

We've contacted Nintendo for information on the matter, and will update if we hear back.

[NeoGAF] [Digital Spy] [AVForums, via VG247] [pic: taku @ NeoGAF]


    Had mine for over a month and it hasn't happened once.

    Seeing as though it isn't cool to hate Nintendo, the media won't blow this out of proportion like they did with Antennagate...

      antennagate isn't an issue here in australia where service providers actually provide reception for the most part.

      When you have a service as bad as AT&T and it's the essentially enforced choice is why it got such a big play.

    but is the error in 3d :D

      aha! we can forget about if it's in... 3D! :D

      patch anyone?

      Sorry man, it's on the bottom screen, so 2D only.

    Shouldn't have used the 'broken 3DS' AR card.

    What's with the orange buttons and stuff? Looks alright.

    it is apparently only effecting north america, I beg this problem doesn't hit au

    Strange how Japan didn't have any reports of this, or maybe it did but we never heard of it (there are after all many 2nd hand 3DS's in Japan available now).

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