PC Gamers Get Black Ops First Strike Last On March 25

PC gamer holdouts get their first Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, "First Strike", later this week on March 25. If 15 bucks is a touch too steep, Steam will knock of 10 per cent of that for those who pre-order.


    Zombie mode, and some maps yawn.
    15 gets you so many better options on steam.

    PC gamers made the CoD franchise popular...Activision likes stabbing them in the back.

    I love this game, but... come on. 15 for 4 maps? Forget people who download games illegally, activision are the real pirates here. Valve have released what, at least a dozen TF2 maps for free? And TF2 sold a helluva lot less copies than Black Ops.

      Out of the 50 people on my Steam Friends list 48 have TF2, and 16 have COD-BO

        Oh, obviously that means TF2 sold more then.

    Surely, this late in the game... doesn't that make it a second or third strike?

    another double xp weekend coming? Nuketwon 24/7 (for consoles)? cant complain

    FUCK CRAPtivision, they are never getting my money, ever again. cunts. Nothing but sellouts and greedy pushy business men

    I would have bought this if it was cheaper and released a week later than the 360 version. Now....no...Ill keep my $15 and put it towards an upgrade or something on special on steam.

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