Remember This? Guest Edition

Usually I rake through my own memory to find games for y'all to remember – but I've started getting some suggestions from you folks. This time Welbot emailed me through this challenge - can you remember this game from a single screenshot? Let us know in the comments below.


    Jones in the Fast Lane .. too easy!

    Mario 64

      One of these days that's going to be the right answer.

    Jones in the Fast Lane! I had friends that were absolutely addicted to this. Never really played it myself though. I had a Mac :(

    Jones in the Fast Lane.

    We had to 'research' this at Uni in our serious games unit.

    Not that I'd ever seen it before that unit....

    Easy, Jones in the Fast Lane. Awesome game. :D

    Jones In The Fast Lane!

    ("You spent the whole weekend examining yourself under a fluorescent light. Eech!")

    Argh! I know this!

    Just can't think of the name! Played this heaps back in the day at primary school.

    Jones in the fast lane! I used to play this a lot in high school when it came out. So addictive.

    Jones in the Fast Lane! Definately one of my favourite games of all time. Maybe I should program a like-version of this into a Facebook game to make me a million bucks. Hmm....

    Oh, finally one I played. Not that I remember the name though... Does that still count? I can tell you the colour of the walls in my friend's parents office where we first played it and that I liked it enough to take it home on a floppy and play it some more.

    WTB 'Google Image' where I can search images

      TinEye or if you have Google Goggles on your phone:p although that could possibly be taking the fun out of the game.

    Jones in the Fast Lane

    God I spent a lot of time playing that against my sister as kids.

    Jones In The Fast Lane

    Jones in the Fast Lane.

    Epic game. Many hours were spent playing it.

    Jones in the Fast lane.

    Jones In The Fast Lane.

    Jones in the fast lane!

    I loved this game, my cousins and I would play for hours!

    haha nice stuff! So glad i'm not the only one who loved this game! I speak to so many people about it, but they've never heard of it. I'm contemplating making a new version of it with Unity or something. Perhaps so I don't get sued, I could call it "Some guy in the not so slow lane" :0

    I loved Jones in the Fast Lane. Used to play it against a friend all the time. We still play it occasionally, last time was a couple of months ago.

    God, I played this game way too much as a kid.

    Usually by setting my objectives really low and getting Jones to take it easy, but hey.

    When I was about 15 my girlfriend at the time was addicted to Jones. No matter how good I got she'd beat me 9 games out of 10. I still bear the scars of all those losses.

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