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In terms of the release schedule, there hasn't been a dead week in ages. Have mercy on our wallets video game gods! Homefront is probably the big one - but we have the new Motorstorm, Shogun 2 looks incredible, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is being released on PC.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC) What is it? What should have been filler, turns out to be one of my favourite games of last year. Finally gets its release on PC. Should you care? If you haven't played this game yet, you should.

Homefront (360/PS/PC) What is it? THQ's military shooter that takes a familiar set of mechanics and adds a twist. Very promising new franchise. Should you care? I've got mad shooter fatigue, but I've enjoyed what I've seen of this so far.

Moto GP 2011 (360/PS3) What is it? Mega hardcore game based on the mega hardcore sport of Moto GP Should you care? I'm not a fan of the sport, but these games are always lovingly crafted and extremely well made.

Motorstorm Apocalypse (PS3) What is it? A massive reboot of the Motorstorm brand that should pay off - great game with a mad sense of scale. Should you care? Your call - I've always enjoyed this series.

Okamiden (DS) What is it? Viciously cute sequel to the PS2 classic, shrunk down to DS size. Should you care? Depends if you liked the original, and if you feel like going back to your DS. I still haven't finished Ghost Trick yet!

Major League Baseball 2K11 (360/PS3) What is it? If you build it. He will come. Should you care? Go the distance.

Shogun Total War 2 (PC) What is it? Massive scale strategy game. Should you care? It's an ncredible looking, massive scale effort. I was impressed and I'm not typically a fan of strategy games.

Top Spin 4 (360/PS3) What is it? A tennis game, yo. Should you care? A bit more 'simmy' than Virtua Tennis, which is good.


    Shogun 2.looks pretty awesome, hopefully they've moved on from the issues with Empire and all the backlash from fans.

    Surprised to see Okamiden come out, but I'm definitely getting it!

    I've got Homefront on the pre-order side of things, but will also await some more reviews about it.

    I'll pick up Motorstorm somewhere down the track and that's about it at the moment.

    Yakuza & Crysis for next week, makes the wallet weep!

    Homefront - Waiting for the reviews. As more a SP gamer, would love a good FPS which has a serious campaign that goes longer tha five hours.

    Shogun - Will wait for a GOTY edition or a Steam sale to pick this up.

    While I'm looking forward to playing Homefront, I've also recently picked up New Vegas and STALKER Shadow of Pripiyat, so it will have to wait until I've finished them. Bythen it should be in the bargain bin, where I pickd the other two up.

    Okamiden is finally here! Would have been better as a 3ds launch title, but oh well.
    Motorstorm games ive always enjoyed.
    But im not buying another fps until Duke Nukem Forever is released. im so over the brown, gritty military shooter its not funny. Then again I was over them last gen (especially the xbox 1, so many!)

    Don't forget folks, import from places like and you can pick up games for around $55! Much better than 90 at jb or 100 at eb

    Pre ordered motorstorm and yakuza 4 for a tad over $100!

      The problem with ozgameshop is that they sometimes send asian versions of the game and sometimes send a UK version of the game, meaning that you need to set up multiple psn accounts if you want to download any of the games dlc. I have just started using which is currently selling yakuza 4 for about $48 and free delivery. can also be quite cheap and both sites only sell uk versions of games, so you only need to set up one psn account.


        Is there some way to stipulate which one you want?
        Does the UK and Asian version difference affect Xbox games, or is it just PSN stuff?

        While Nait is correct in that we do have some NTSC stock, this is a very limited number. The vast majority of our games are PAL, as are are forthcoming pre-orders.




    Coming from OzGameShop, so I'm not sure when I'll see it... is early next week to unlikely?

    I'm looking forward to Homefront because they basically advertised Australian servers in half their videos. That's not something the people of Bad Company 2 can say. Oh wait, they did give us Australian servers. About two, last December...

    Wait, Motorstorm Apocalypse is out this week?!
    Curses! I'll have to get it next week. :(

    Still too full of Dragon Age 2 to consider this weeks offerings. *burp*

    Okamiden isn't coming out until the 31st in australia surely? If it's released this week then I know what I'll be buying! Definite standout of the week for me.

    Would've preordered Homefront on Steam but it's like a bajillion dollars. I'll wait till it's 17 pounds or so from the UK...

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