US News Covers R18+ Debate

We've spoken to Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo, before about Classification, but during his time at GDC Nic took the time to talk to ABC in the US about the R18+ issue.

The interview provides a great overview of the issue from Nic who, as a developer working in Australia, is very well versed on the issue. It's great to see overseas news outlets taking an interest in the issue.


    It's a good point of view, and he's got a pretty epic accent, so overall:


        His surname is also pretty spectacular!

    That interview style was really boring. What was with the screens of text-based questions? Why didn't the interviewer ask them himself? He was obviously there at the time (you can hear him laughing at one point).

    Overall though good to see some more exposure of this oversees.

      It was probably some jnr journo not good enough to get screen time.
      I have seen other interviews where I know the person seen interviewing on screen was not there originally asking the questions. They were recorded later asking questions and edited in.

    The Morning Show on Channel 7 had a piece this morning on Duke Nukem Forever and its "controversial capture the flag mode." The best part of the piece was that my mum walked in, took one look at it and said "This is why we need an 18+ rating, we don't have one right?"

    While the 18+ rating debate was only briefly mentioned, I think this shows that people, even ones that have no interest in gaming, are starting to see the benefits of having it.

      Link to video mentioned by Peter

        Thanks for that. It wasn't up when I posted before.

        Well, it's pretty obvious that violence towards women is not acceptable, and it looks bad when this is the thing they target in the game. But the only difference between this and nearly every other piece of entertainment is it's so overt. it's on the news because it literally has a spank button. Hollywood has been subjugating women for decades, the worse part is it's so well hidden it seems acceptable. It's pretty obvious that this isn't, it's a joke. At the end of the day it has all the free advertising now.

        These morning shows should actually involve gaming sections more often. The average person who is watching is a woman with kids. EDUCATE her through a medium she understands and people she trusts. it's messed up it has to come from these shows but it does.

    Ummm I know he has only just moved out to Australia. But does need to research a little on how laws are passed/how the state/federal parliament works...

      I as thinking the same. It is only censorship laws that actually require the AGs to concur. 99% of other laws are passed state to state or federally. I don't know why, you can get porn in the ACT, but can't in NSW, sounds like a censor issue. I think they need to change that whole circumstance as well as the R18+ certificate.

    Hmmm he did say UK right? I'm thinking it's more along the lines of an Irish accent?

      It's a Scottish accent.

      Bahaha it explains why he thinks there's 7 states.

    Great, so now all of America knows how sh*t we are.

    Even Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel is looking down his nose at us now.


      Hey you know what? I could call my ma while I'm up here.

      HEY, MAW!, Get off the dang roof!

      Cletus' girlfriend: "Dang Cletus why'd you have to park next to my parents?"

      Cletus: "Now honey they's my parents too"

    Why did he keep opening his eyes so wide?

    I think they confused "M-rated" with "R-rated"

    Kind of related, check out what i saw on channel 7 this morning:

    In America the r rating is an M18+.

      Mature is 17+, actually, although it functions more like an MA15+ rating in that it's forbidden to sell to minors but allowed to be played with their guardian's permission.

        I think they also have an AO rating which is the really restrictive one, but it's pretty much never used because stores won't stock AO rated games and, in the case of consoles, none of the platform holders will approve AO rated games for release.

    If Barrack Obama wages war on pro R18+, Australia will follow.....only till then...

    In my defence I was not expecting to do an opinion piece about R18 ratings while at GDC so I think I did pretty well.

    Also you can't blame me for your confusing territory/state system. AFAIK there are 7 Governor Generals who have to vote on this issue and it has to be unanimous. The fact that they are not voted in combined with the fact that the majority of Australians want an R18 makes Australia look a bit antiquated/undemocratic :(

    Thanks to those who love my Scottish accent. You should hear Mr Serrels talk he has far more dulcet tones than me!

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