12 Ways Consoles Are Hurting PC Gaming

12 Ways Consoles Are Hurting PC Gaming

It’s happened to everyone at one point or another. You’re playing your favourite FPS and minding your own business when your character finally succumbs to that pesky stream of bullets that’s been bouncing off his face for the past two minutes.

“Aw man,” you say aloud while a big, ominous Game Over screen stares you down. “Well, at least I can jump right back in and…” But you can’t. Suddenly, you’re 30 minutes away from where you kicked the bucket – your previous progress rotting at the bottom of some virtual wastebasket. “Well, at least I can vary up my tactics and see the game from a different angle this time.” Nope. So many invisible walls that you may as well be a mime. “Well, at least I can -” Nuh-uh. Can’t do that either. So you pause to take a breather, but they immediately start suffocating you. Games For Windows logos. Everywhere. And then you wake up drenched in a cold sweat, safe in your own bed and free of the nightmare’s cruel clutches. “It was just a dream,” you mumble before dozing off again.  

Or was it? PC gaming is far from dying, but not for a lack of effort on consoles’ parts. While consoles have doubtless aided in bringing video games to the masses, they’ve also slowly but surely moulded gaming in their own image. The end result? Well, stories like the one above, for starters. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Jump past the break for consoles’ most egregious crimes against our hobby. 

Delayed/Glitchy Ports


Let us begin our tour with Unfortunate Console Consequences 101: the bad port. It can take many forms, and even in this day and age of developers working tirelessly for platform equality, it’s all too common. From Resident Evil 4 to Grand Theft Auto IV to a large number of games without fours in their titles, fun-killing, sometimes game-halting bugs have plagued many major PC releases. Frankly, it’s inexcusable. 

Let’s not, however, forget the other side of the coin: the inexplicably delayed port. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series, for instance, has been doing it for years – with speculative whispers chalking it up to piracy avoidance. But here’s the thing: it only encourages piracy. If you treat people like second-class citizens, don’t be surprised when they start doing whatever’s necessary to get ahead.

Dumbed-Down Sequels


To be completely honest, we hate the phrase “dumbed down”. It’s often carelessly hurled at any game that’s made a significant change – whether for better or worse. Mass Effect 2, for instance, was sensibly streamlined. Crysis 2 looks to be taking a similar route. Sometimes, though, the term’s ugly fingerprints are so thoroughly caked all over a game that it’s unmistakably the culprit. For instance, the original Dragon Age was a clear descendant of old-school PC RPGs like Baldur’s Gate – multilayered complexities included. Its sequel, by contrast, is a messy mish-mash of console-friendly simplicity, cut-and-paste level design, and tiny glimmers of the original’s brilliance. Oftentimes, the issue isn’t even so much that developers try to expose console players to popular PC-centric franchises. Rather, it’s that they do so haphazardly, resulting in an ugly duckling of a product that doesn’t entirely fit on any particular platform. And that’s an incredible shame when you look at efforts like CCP’s online console FPS Dust 514, which seeks to compliment the uber-complex Eve Online, but not replace it. Sadly, it’s definitely the exception – not the rule.

The Future Isn’t Now


Current console tech is at least five years-old – except for the Wii, whose innards’ shelf date came and went shortly after shelf dates were invented. In the big-budget gaming sector, that fact is unavoidable. Taking advantage of truly cutting-edge hardware simply isn’t economically feasible for developers because most of the crowd is still lagging far behind the frontrunners. Without a doubt, we PC gamers have the shiniest hotrods on the lot – and we’ve even seen what they can really do thanks to Epic and Crytek’s recent tech demos – opportunities to put them to the test are few and far between. As for when console makers will decide to finally kick-off a new “next-gen”, it’s tough to say. Kinect and Move are meant to extend their respective platforms’ lives by up to five years, but that could very well be pie-in-the-sky marketing speak. Plus, many developers like consistent, well-understood hardware architectures. In other words, no rush. So, for PC gamers, it’s definitely a “the sooner, the better situation”, but we’re far from the only factors in this equation. 

Lousy Interfaces/Controls


When a game makes a quick and dirty leap from consoles to PC, controls and interface are often the first things to suffer. From minor issues – like menus that mystifyingly force you to navigate with arrow keys instead of, you know, your mouse – to this wonderfully terrible video of the torturous prison break that is escaping from the original Assassin’s Creed, poor control conversions pop up all over the place. Fact is, mouse/keyboards and gamepads are – shockingly enough – different, and what’s perfectly acceptable on one may be a total nightmare on the other. But hey, as PC gamers, at least we can re-map some of this stuff, right? Dead Space 2 says “no”. (Fortunately, EA fixed it after some highly publicized outcry. Still though, guys, seriously? It’s 2011. Come on.)

There Is No Mod


In the great race to the finish that is meeting that big launch deadline, sometimes developers have to take a step back and realise that they’ll scarely have time to pack in “everything” – let alone “and the kitchen sink”. And while mods are an integral part of PC gaming, they only make waves in Console Land every once in a blue moon. The end result? “Well, we might release official mod tools sometime in the future”, which is the industry equivalent of  “You are currently on hold. Your business is important to us. Listen to this looping track of light jazz for the 15th time.”     

The Great Divide


“My platform’s better than your platform.” “Halo’s better than Half-Life.” “PlayStation? More like…”, well, we’ll let you fill in the blank on that one. Point is, these highly targeted, marketing-enhanced platform boundaries de-emphasize the most important part of our hobby: the games. So instead of appreciating the combination of blood, sweat, and tears that’s been wrung from the past three years of some poor developer’s life, we argue over which platform’s “the winner.” We call each other names. We climb up on our soapboxes to rant about, well, different boxes. But really, why does it even matter? Simple: it doesn’t. Believe it or not, this hobby’s about having fun – not raining on other people’s parades. Let’s not lose sight of that fact.

Games are fraught with their shares of formidable foes, but few actively seek to harm your experience more than mandatory auto-save. Countless keyboards have been shattered into second-rate Scrabble tiles over checkpoints that are worse than Gandalf about letting you pass. It’s sort of an odd trend, too, seeing as “save wherever you want” features have been around for ages and only take one or two clicks/button presses to access. We suppose it’s all in pursuit of the holy grail that is effortless, thought-free immersion, but that’s generally the furthest thing from our minds when we’re un-embedding our mouse from a potentially related mouse-shaped hole in the wall. On that note, while not progress-related, quick-time events make a similarly cringe-worthy bellyflop when attempting to leap from consoles to PC. Controllers: a few possible buttons. Keyboards: six trillion keys. Developers: do the maths.  

Games For Windows


Ah yes, the standard-bearer for the “well clearly, if console gamers like it, PC gamers will love having it forced upon them too” movement. Calling Games for Windows a trainwreck wouldn’t be doing it justice, because trainwrecks eventually end. We prefer to think of GFW as a trainwreck that collided with a car wreck that collided with a plane wreck that collided with the Large Hadron Collider. At every turn, it’s tried to give PC gaming an Xbox Live makeover, and PC gamers have been unsurprisingly outraged. After all, if we wanted an Xbox, we would have bought a friggin’ Xbox. Please, though, Microsoft, none of that silly Avatar busine— oh. Oh no

Making Us Hate Our Favourite Developers


If it hasn’t already become glaringly apparent, game developers are only human. They can’t be everything for everyone. We wish, however, that they’d stop feeling so pressured to lie about it. Unfortunately, the trend these days seems to go something like this: Formerly PC-Centric Developer X begins to focus on consoles. Long-time PC fans feel slighted and start complaining. Formerly PC-Centric Developer X replies that it’ll always be a PC developer first and a console developer second. Then the PC version of its game doesn’t get a demo, gets delayed for more than a year, and ends up being an outsourced port. We understand, developers and publishers: you’re running a business. But we’re not stupid. Give us the truth – even if it hurts. 

Kinecting The Dots


Kinect’s only the most recent example in a long line of devices that have been seriously held back by consoles’ proprietary nature. Even so, it’s incredibly indicative of the overall trend. Brilliant Kinect hackers, after all, have used the unassuming little device for everything from 3D radar to Minecraft photography. Meanwhile, the Xbox has given us – drumroll – a game about baby tigers and something called “Adrenalin Misfits”. Thankfully, Microsoft’s official PC SDK is finally on the horizon, but this is hardly the first time console technology has been chained down by its own proprietary roots. The Wii-mote, for instance, had its own share of interesting hacks, and don’t even get us started on the whole PS3 jailbreaking/homebrew fiasco. 

Non-Existent Post-Release Support


Oh no, now we don’t get to spend $US15 on a glorified map pack. Boo-hoo. Actually, though, this can be a make-or-break prospect depending on the game – especially if its developer leaves it high and dry altogether. For instance, Modern Warfare 2’s online servers were quickly overrun by game-breaking cheaters, and Infinity Ward’s been incredibly slow to respond ever since. Beyond that, of course, you have games like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Dead Space 2, both of which have very substantial DLC packs on the way – but not for PC. Please, publishers, don’t make us beg. Oh, wait.   

Dead-icated Servers


Ever since Modern Warfare 2 dropped the ball by pulling the plug on dedicated server support, every PC game developer’s had to face brutal interrogation on the topic. “OK, yes, we’re sure Greatest Game of All Time will be OK or whatever, but does it have dedicated servers?” Answers, however, have been mixed. Id Software’s upcoming RAGE, for instance, will “probably” abandon that crucial feature in a post-apocalyptic junk pile. BioShock 2, similarly, showed its console roots by steering clear of dedicated server support as well. There is, however, a bright side here. Fan outcry over these games has caused many developers to better understand the importance of dedicated servers, leading to stronger PC multiplayer feature sets from games like Brink, Homefront, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor. Fingers crossed that this trend doesn’t disappear any time soon.   


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  • It simply comes down to it costs far more to dev for a PC then it does consoles and consoles = mass volume and more sales for the company

    PC is dieing from

    HACKERS- every single first person shooter you play on PC these days are ridden with hackers and its up to server admins (Like me) to have to rid of the fuckers and sifting threw files to catch them, consoles dont have to worry about that sorta shit really at all

    HAVING A DECENT RIG- not every game has about a grand and a half for a rig to play there favorite video games plus buying there game console as well, the best thing about consoles is they dont have to worry about installing the latest drivers or worrying there graphics card isnt supported and so on so forth. A Console is put the disk in and BAM your playing instantly

    FEEDBACK- I always thought having a game controller is the best way to emerge a player. it has a better feel to playing video games

    PIRATES – it says it all pirates eat away the PC gaming market like no tomorrow and its why devs shifted to a more secure terminal to make there products

    DUMBED DOWN SEQUELS – I dunno about anyone else but alot of the time it can be for the better, as the example MASS EFFECT 2 was far greater then Mass effect 1 IMO

    • Costs more to develop for the PC? Are you mad?

      Console games require specialized dev kit hardware.

      PC’s use X86 CPU’s. This generation’s consoles are all POWER-based and thus require different programming methods, although for the 360 the dev-kit makes this process easier. For the PS3, its allegedly a lot more difficult. Irrespective, different programming methods owing to in-order-execution POWER CPU’s (versus out-of-order-execution X86 CPU’s) do increase dev costs simply by requiring more work in coding.

      The PC is the cheapest platform to develop on. Now, you raise a point about hardware specs; but these only truly inhibit the AAA-blockbuster games. Are games like, say, Peggle, effected by hardware specs? What about WoW? Generally not. Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Pretty accessible system reqs.

      You are right, however, that piracy is somewhat greater on PC than on other platforms. But that doesn’t “raise dev costs.” Rather, it “lowers dev return” which is a completely different category.

      Now, if you were to say “the PC is the least profitable platform” this may have some merit, but again its case-dependent.

      • Sorry, but from a developer’s point of view it takes more time and effort (which IS more money) to develop for the PC.

        *Looks over at games designer friend*

        *Friend looks over at developer*

        *Developer nods*


    • To Steve. None of your points are valid. Hackers are rampant on consoles, granted less so on Live. I’m willing to have to manually ban players to not have to pay monthly to use the internet that I already pay monthly to have.
      Having a decent rig, plus monitor costs less than buying a console plus television BY FAR. Don’t take for granted we all own HD televisions, or that people don’t buy one for their new console.
      Feedback is preference. Try playing an RTS on a controller, it doesn’t work well. Myself, I prefer the WASD and mouse for gaming. Crazy thing, I can toss my controller on my PC if the mood hits.
      Piracy is a buzzword used by people who want to get their way without argument. It’s like saying freedom every other word. Fact is, piracy in many forms is being shown to INCREASE sales. I’ll leave this argument for later.
      Dumbed down sequels are never good. CHANGED sequels are fine. Look at Supreme Commander 2. They tried to make it easier, or “dumb it down” to attract new players. They ended up alienating their core fanbase and making a sub-par game in the process. Trying to make it fun for everyone makes it fun for nobody.

  • As much as this sounds like a whining session (which face it, it is), unfortunately everything said here is completely true. It’s sad that I’ve actually gotten used to something going wrong with the PC version of a game. It’s also sad that nowadays we have to praise a developer for looking after a PC version when we all should just be taking it for granted.

    The thing that annoys me the most is the point about developers talking out of their arses when they try to justify problems with the PC version of a game. If they’d just be honest, we wouldn’t complain as much (or at least, I wouldn’t). If you keep people properly informed, they will thank you for it, even if it is news we’d rather not hear.

    In the end, I must say that the only thing I don’t mind is graphics hardware slowing down. I know the stagnation is annoying but as a full time uni student racking up a friggin massive debt, I’m happy that I don’t have to spend money on new parts every second year. I can’t help but be curious as to what graphics technology would be like nowadays if consoles hadn’t caused the hold up.

  • Wow so much hatred for consoles in this post “Making us hate our favourite developers”??? Good lord – seems to me that this generation of consoles has taken the best bits of PC gaming: Online Multiplayer, Chat, Friends lists, Expansion Packs and left out the more troublesome things like malleable control schemes (say what you want about a mouse, but WASD are letters on a keyboard and no subtitute for an analogue stick), Hundreds of patches, the possibility that a game wont run on your rig, DRM, mods (which are more of a hobbyist pursuit for people in the know)

    As for holding the technology back – like it or not the fact that the Wii is based on tech that was cheao in 2001 means that neither Microsoft nor Sony are in any sort of hurry to bring on the next generation.

    Indeed most lay people who see Xbox or PS3 graphics think it’s pretty photorealistic already. I’d wager the bulk of gamers don’t see a need for a new gen just yet.

    • In all honesty, the console isn’t as malleable as the console in terms of the advantages you listed. Let’s look at it.

      1) Online Multiplayer – have you tried playing against people from US or elsewhere? Some games that I play online are fraught with bad lag to some players that it becomes impossible to achieve something meaning full. On the PC, Steam is possibly the only best online system that transcends anything Sony or Microsoft have. True Xbox Online is quite good but at least Steam gives you the choice of going local or overseas.

      2) Friends and chat – barely. I had only a few invites compared to the PC where I’ve got a lot more friends and people willing to play with me. Plus, most people that ‘chat’ on the consoles don’t do it effectively compared to the PC. E.g. I played my friend’s CoD:MW on the PS3. We lost badly because someone kept yelling out the wrong crap. Switch to me and him on the PC, it was the complete opposite as some people were willing to work as a team. The console just promotes lone-wolf too often and that’s not team work, regardless how they promote it.

      The reason why pirates exist for the PC is because some developers are just lazy in creating that PC demo. In doing that, pirates pirate the game to get a taste and get bad rep for it.

      To be honest, consoles aren’t that bad. However, it is the developers that should be shot. Some are brilliant (like Valve and as well as some others I cannot remember) whilst some are just horrible that they shouldn’t be priding themselves producing games for the PC (like Ubisoft and Epic).

  • …It’s so very true. Fable 3 is already a classic example of both a delayed console port and making us hate the devs.

    And while I enjoyed Dragon Age 2, I’ve already finished it with all 3 classes twice because the game is half as long and the only concept that puzzles me is why Brittle seems to never work on bosses while Stagger always does.

    And don’t get me started on Games for Windows Fail.

  • I’ve never been one to jump on the “consoles dumbing down PC games” bandwagon, but considering I’m sitting here and waiting for a Dragon Age 2 patch so I can finish the game, and they’ve said it’s waiting to get approved by Sony and Microsoft… yeah, I’m not a huge fan at the moment.

  • unfortunately, most people are not able to budget in PC upgrades to get their gaming at max spec – especially when such hardware gets outdated as soon as you walk out the store door.

    also consoles are better suited for kids

    • You can buy a PC that will play basically any modern game for under $500. A more expensive rig will give you better graphics & performance, but the days of games being released that require vastly overspec systems are basically over.

      That system will suffice for 2-3 years, and upgrading your graphics card and RAM will add another couple of years.

      There is also a HUGE variety of free content for PC in the form of flash games and freeware, although of course these are never included in sales figures.

  • Yes! Yes! Oh let me taste your tears! Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Mmm-yummy! Mmm-yummy!

    • That’s an inaccurate summary of the article.

      I’m a multiplatform gamer however I started on PC. Most of my recent gaming is console, however there are exceptions.

      Regardless, the point of the article is that games are generally being targeted towards console markets rather than PC markets and as a result, games released on PC are being changed in manners that detriment the PC gaming experience.

      This is a reasonable argument and not “fanboyism” and if you want to disagree, its best you provide reasons.

      I don’t agree with every point of the above article, but its clearly true PC gamers at times receive inferior experiences owing to focus on console platforms.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous… it’s not how “consoles” are hurting PC gaming, it’s how “PC gamers” are hurting PC gaming.

    If they actually bought games, all of those points would be non existent. Developers can’t tailor games to PC any more because they make no money out of it… “Formerly PC-Centric Developer X begins to focus on consoles. Long-time PC fans feel slighted and start complaining.” It’s not just something that happened like that… hence why Crysis 2 is on everything where Crysis 1 was only PC. It’s not because they just suddenly decided consoles were better.

    PC gamers tend to contradict themselves completely. E.g. blame recharging health/armour on consoles, then whenever someone asserts, say, Halo’s influence… nope, it was some PC game that “invented” recharging heath yeas before.

    Ugh, these kind of posts really make me mad. It’s so misguided to think that somehow consoles themselves are responsible for the “dumbing down” of PC games. I say again, it’s the fact that no one thinks they need to pay for games on PC.

    • Thats where your wrong.
      Yeah there are people who pirate PC games.
      I am certainly not one of them.
      What about the people like myself that don’t pirate games?
      We go out and we buy the games or we buy off steam we obey the rules.
      Yet we get pushed around like this.

      Not every PC gamer pirates. Some do either its for a good reason.
      eg: The game sucks
      Its to old to buy in stores or online
      Game in banned (that is the main problem in Australia)

      I hope you do understand.

      • His point stands. The PC is not as viable a market as the consoles are. One person cannot make a significant difference

      • “The game sucks” isn’t a good reason to pirate it. It’s a good reason not to play it. If it’s worth playing it’s worth buying.

    • Ah, the ever desperate response from defensive console gamers “But you PC pirates are shooting yourselves in the feet!”

      Explain then how PC game sales are still in rude health despite the best efforts of these dastardly pirates to ruin our fun.

      Quote sources good man, because a quick internet search will tell you that PC game sales are rising.

      PC gamers are not shooting themselves in the foot, console gamers are stealing their candy. It’s a simple truth, and if you don’t like it wear a tin foil hat.

  • I wouldn’t mind GFWL if it let me play games against Xbox users.

    If Microsoft changed their mind on that single thing, there would actually be a serious competitor to Steam (because Steam might be better, but playing against a larger pool of people is always more fun).

  • Something hinted at but kind of left out of this post was, in my opinion, the level of player ‘skill’ required to play modern console designed games. If you take FPS games for instance, what may seem dexterous on a controller is a breeze with a keyboard and mouse. Therefore the challenge level of games and the aspects which make up that challenge (such as game speed, movement speed, air control etc) will more than likely be tuned for the console. On PC this makes FPS games seem slow, boring and dull.

    I mean, just look at last gen FPS games (Quake 1-3, UT99/2k4, Serious Sam, Half-life + mods) that were considered very skill-based and e-sport level compared with modern day FPS games (recent Halos, MWF2, Killzone 3, Bulletstorm). There is a HUGE difference in both game/player speeds, player precision (no lock on auto-aiming) and player movement options (dodging, bunny hopping, rocket jumping etc). Some of these aspects are entirely gone! Most modern FPS games are built for consoles. Is there a link? I think so.

    Put it this way: you won’t see a game as skillful as something like Starcraft 2 on modern consoles, and not just due to control limitations.

    • That is an interesting point, one I never really thought about. As someone who used to play the games you mentioned I can honestly say I havn’t been challenged by any modern FPS games recently. They are just so damn slow and focused on realistic and simplistic game mechanics. Stupid ass things like cover systems, regenerating health and only having 2-3 weapons max. IMO they are making games more HURR DURR-like.

      I swear, the next company to make a low production tournament shooter paying homage to games like Quake and UT is going to be pleasantly surprised by the support of the PC community. If they market it well it could even be the next serious e-sport title, next to CS and Quake 3.

  • Any of you who believe pirating is the reason why developers aren’t making games for the PC are delusional. There are just as many IF NOT MORE pirates pirating console games than PC games. Stay idiotic console kids, stay idiotic.

    • I thought it was the PC gamers who complained that PC dev’s were moving to consoles because of Piracy? (which is rubbish)

      Why would console gamers care in the least about PC piracy?

    • PC gaming has taken a hit… but I don’t think it’s dying. I know no doubt PC gaming took a hit based on the retail PC games actually truly dying. I used play PC games but now that PC games are not as available on the shelf… it’s driven away guys like me that play console and PC gaming out of PC gaming. I will still buy the physical copies on PC but how long will that last… and even some core PC gamers don’t like digital either so I’m positive some of them are being driven away too. It’s just the truth, PC gaming has taken a hit.

  • Ive never been a PC gamer- initially it was mainly due to the inherent cost of keeping a rig up to date. But I do now, admittedly, spend a lot on buying dozens of underutilised games for the 6 platforms I do use. I just never made the jump over. Maybe I dislike playing games at a desk, I dunno. Maybe I was never cool enough (or too cool?) to bother.

    The games industry ‘explosion’ is due purely to how plug&play consoles are. You buy console, update it for ‘free’ every now and then, and everyone has the same hardware experience. Thats why there are tens of millions of wagglers rocking to WiiFit. When so many casuals have trouble just finding the right AV ports, you wouldnt expect them to manage the 11 different specs need to play the latest PC game.

    The games industry has always wished to infiltrate each and every home. Most people just seem to want to do karaoke, play rythm of fitness games, saves princesses or shoot people in the comfort of their living room. Yay capitalism!

  • Everything in this article is so true. I myself used to be a big PC gamer, I don’t anymore because I my computer is like 6 years old and dying in a sense. But for the huge PC gaming community they are being ripped off so much by the console gaming community, and while I may be a console gamer now I can’t forget the my gaming past and I fully support PC gamers now matter how much flak they get from the console gamer community.

    I mean the biggest rip off I got from the console community when I was still playing PC was MW2’s PC version being a direct port from console and not having dedicated servers. That sent shockwaves throughout the community, everyone hated Infinity Ward and Activision for it! Especially since the PC gamers were the ones who made the Call of Duty franchise so successful.

  • Great read and opens the minds of a lot of consoles gamers, including myself although I did once game on the PC, these days it seems a little too expensive and after reading this, well a headache would be a pleasant word to use.

    However I do have to disagree with the ‘Console tech’ argument. I don’t find anything wrong with the current tech of consoles. You may call my imagination linear cause I game on consoles, whatever, AND I admit graphics DO get me off – but there is a point where although you may see that extra detail in PC, there console counterpart looks just as good to the naked eye.

    As long as the graphics look good – which Crysis 2 does on a 360/PS3 thats all that matters I believe. I don’t understand people would want a new ‘gen’ already with all the money they would have to spend all over again and the lack of great titles on launch and it usually takes 12 months before great games get a release cause OF that new tech.

    A main concern or difference is obviously the controls between PC and Console but that cant really be solved, its just the difference between the two.

    Anyway, to sum it up PC Gaming isn’t going anywhere and it’s not a dying breed. They said TV would be the death of radio and well, it wasn’t. There are some forms of media that do ‘die’ off such as Cassettes and eventually CDs but they are still USED and well Records make a comeback after how many years?! PC Gaming WON’T be one of them cause computers aren’t seriously gonna be replaced with iPads.

    • One of the major differences in Crysis to Crysis 2 (that i found) was the fact that the physics in Crysis 2 was so … subpar compared to #1.

      There’s a comparison on Youtube. Check it out.

  • I only buy multiplayer titles now because the amount of other people bitching about issues usually results in them getting looked at or fixed. Single player games, I pirate without question.

    I used to never pirate my pc games. When they used to be quality titles (Quake 1, starcraft, warcraft 3). I do pirate games now. PC games that come out, are terrible/buggy or last around 8 hours at best.

    When these morons who port/make CRAP for the PC, ill decide to start paying 99.99 for 8 hours of use.

    For people who don’t have a mountain of cash to spend on gaming, we cannot really afford to shell out $100 for a game that lasts a weekend/crashes without warning/glaring obvious bugs or has no support for these issues.

    • Gaming used to be a niche market and a true “hobby” for PC gamers. Now it’s just been reduced to some mindless 20 minutes of distraction while your hot-pockets are in the oven.

  • Very good article. I actually agree with ALL of these ports. I was almost supprised that to be reading this on Kotaku, who are generally the biggest console (specifically nintendo) fanboys of all time, until I got to the bottom and saw it was from Maximum PC

  • What ever happened to parallel development (not this middleware bullshit)? That being each version, PC/console, being developed and tuned for the specific platform? I think its a product of mass production (same as food being made cheaper by cutting ingredients and really becoming derivitives of other foods). Also why chop and choose – PC is great, consoles are great! Its also ironic that my PC is the perfect system for playing retro console games, hooked up to my HD screen with a couple of Logitech Precision USB controllers – its awesome. Also, I pretty much dont watch TV at all, with the net being my main “passive” entertainment. So what am I saying? I suppose its just enjoy and play the games you want to play no matter what the system! Of course everyone has their favourite zone, mine being console gaming in front of a big HD – and the simple fact of beng able to connect your PC up msort of makes the PC Vs Console thing redundent (well until HD2+ resolutions)

  • love how all these miss informed console gamers use the arguement that you need 2 spend heaps to game on PC. Nvidia just put out specs of a PC that can play crysis on full graphics and it costs less the $600 i reckon i could get it for $200 if i based it on the xbox capabilities.
    the gtx7800 i reckon i could pick one up for say $20
    i have a gtx8800 sitting around at home collecting dust so just use that and get years of use out of it.


    • If your talking about just building a dedicated gaming PC and you want to take the time to research the parts you need and search online to get the best prices and get all the parts in the post seperately and set your system up. And assuming you actually know how to do all these things (I don’t). We’re talking weeks, or even months, to set something like that up, assuming again, you all ready have the knowledge on how to build it.

      Or you could walk into a shop, buy an Xbox and a game, and be playing that same day.

      I’m not interested in tech, just games and playing games. And consoles make it a far easier process than PC’s ever did or ever will. When PC Gamers trash consoles and console gaming it reeks as pure snobbish elitism.

      Sorry. Some people, I dare say most people even, just don’t give a sh*t about graphics cards.

      • spot on mate …Don’t that pic of Killzone3 look good! 🙂 and for the record I own a water cooled PC gaming behemoth.

  • The number of reasons I disagree with this artiicle is too long to list.

    Let me just say that quite a few of these points have very little to do with the existence of consoles and quite a bit to do with the direction in which the games industry has chosen.

    Rather than sit back and take the time to create/port a game the industry has chosen to rush things out the door without having the common decency to do what should be a standard quality check.

    Pointing the finger at consoles as being the bad gu is no different than taking a side in the console war. By saying PCs are better and that consoles are ruining games for everyone you are no better than the 10 year claiming that Playstation is better than Nintendo.

    The whole article strikes me as a biased rant of a PC fanboy.

    • Lets see some evidence and justification to ur argument. You’re just like the thousands of other console gamers who rant on articles/videos with their ‘oh stop whinging about this. Stop critizing us. You guys are the ones that suck not us. We r the best even tho its true that we r not’ comments that lack any form of justification and a complete lack of proof. i.e. ur a troll. What Nathan said is true and ur just denying it like Nazis denying the Holocaust – its true yet u just cant face it because u realize how much of a fool u’ve been.

  • Whinge whinge whinge. I grew up PC gaming and found it a routinely frustrating and expensive hobby, the excitement of releases in the future were tempered by the minimum Sys spec required to run them. I bought a PS2 and never looked back. Console gaming lets me enjoy my hobby without requiring any fiddling around or half yearly system upgrades. I get to play more games, more often.

    PC gaming is like the expensive and demanding mistress, constantly asking for bigger and better presents and your constant adoration and woship. And then she gets a virus from some mysterious source.

    Console gaming is the faithful defacto partner who’s just happy to have you around and spend time together and is all ready for some play time when you get in from work.

    (Plus you guys get Civilisation, Dawn of War and similar great RTS games that never make the transition to console gaming, and the few that do have, lets see if this sounds familiar, sub par features and poor controls. Quit looking over the fence man)

    • I grew up PC gaming and I found console gaming a frustrating and expensive hobby. Frustrating because the console joystick sucks balls compared to the PC keyboard and mouse. Expensive because you pay like 30% more for every console game vs a PC game. Expensive because you have to spend an extra $700~$800 on a console + like $100 for controllers, headphones, memory cards etc while u already have a PC at home which allows u to game without the extra $$$ AND does the everyday stuff (internet, Word, musicetc. BASICLALY EVERYTHING).

      I would like to see u plug a printer, do ur assignment or play games on a resolution higher than 720p/with framerates higher than 60 fps on ur console. Oh and also have mod support and the ability to play shooters without auto-aim/aim-assist on (because FPS games on consoles have aim-assist on permanently making all console FPS gamers actually noobs because its not them aiming, its the bloody machine doing all the work for u)

      You do not understand PC gaming and as a result u cant say that ur a PC gamer who converted to consoles. PC gamers who actually ‘convert’ to consoles never abandon their PC. Instead they have consoles as an alternative in addition to their PC.

      QED. You just made a fool of urself.

  • These console games are ruining PC games.

    Look at the proposed weapon carry system for DNF for example. Georgey boy said they’d only carry 2 weapons at one time because they couldn’t figure out a good way of carrying more due to the console controller.

    Playing FPS games on a console joystick is silly. The skill level of the game goes down because you can barley aim correctly with it. A mouse and keyboard combo is much better.

    Crysis 2 already looks like a console game, and is not going to live up to the original hype.

    Sure, some people don’t care about PC’s nor their systems, and would rather just pay and play on their console easily, thats fine, but its different for developers who create games for a console then port it to PC, that becomes a joke. Usually the games graphics are poor, limited options/specs to change, and gameplay altered.

    It should go PC to Console port, not make a lowered version that will run on a console, then port to pc.

  • Should get all those ignore console whore gamers to read this. But I guess their lazy, single-minded brains with a lack of tech know-how cant stomach anything these days except for their love of their dumbed down games with ‘awesome graphics’. Srsly some of the most immature and trolling gamers are those of pro-console backgrounds (esp those 360 gamers) who jump at the opportunity on youtube or a game site like this to denounce PC gaming without any clear justification and evidence. Just plan immature trolling. Because all console gamers are sad, wannabe PC gamers who just cannot get the same amount of awesomeness we PC gamers get and are forever frustrated by their always meagre gaming box with games that cost 30% more than PC games + their silly, noobish ‘auto-aim/aim-assist inputed or I cant shoot properly’ joystick.

    Good work Nathan!

  • Everyone seems to think it costs a $1500+ to have a pc. Sure it does if you want nice shiny graphics better than console graphics. If you want a dx9 pc rig it will only cost you $600 and it does a lot more. Every game made for xbox 360 has to run dx9 so any concerns about games not running are unfounded – unless you want shiny shiny pc games like metro 2033, but then who’s chain are you yanking? What console can pull that off?

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