And The Winners Of The WWE All Stars Comp Are…

And The Winners Of The WWE All Stars Comp Are…

And The Winners Of The WWE All Stars Comp Are…This WWE All Stars comp isn’t the toughest competition I’ve ever had to judge – that honor goes to the de Blob 2 comp, which had lie a thousand bloody entries – but it’s definitely been the comp with the greatest level of depth and quality. You guys outdid my expectations and then some…

I’ll admit, there were a couple of genuine standouts, but after those two it was extremely tough to choose the runners up. As a result of the last minute spurt of amazing entries, it became really tough to get down to the final six. I’d just like to give a big thanks to everyone who had the balls to enter, because I know it was a big ask to put yourself out there.

Congrats everyone. You’ve had the entire office in stitches for the last week.

Anyway the winners. First the runners up.

Chuloopa I may get stick for this, since you win a fair few comps, but you continually make me piss myself laughing. Complete natural on camera and some awesome lines, great use of props – but the performance was what really sold it. I’m having nightmares about your nipples.

Fenil Of all the early entries yours was the strongest. I thought I had a winner in the first day. The ‘human jar of mayonnaise’ line was the best in the competition. Your entrance was absolutely perfect and I think, of all the entries, you really understood what made a great promo.

Xegek In wrestling terminology, you had the best gimmick. I’d actually really love to see a wrestler with this gimmick in the WWE. The promos would be incredible. Great idea, great execution, great entry.

Blunt Yours was the most seamless I think – concept, outfit, it all came together brilliantly. Bulk Billing elbow drop – amazing. But you had tonnes of hilarious Dr related puns in there. Well done.

Congrats all four of you guys get a copy of WWE All Stars – email me here and let me know which format you’d prefer, I promise to get it right this time!

And now for the two first prizes…

G-Man Wow. Amazing execution. I’ll admit, at first I thought the Mario idea was a little easy, but then you just continually ramped it up. First off, the room looked incredible. Secondly, the accent was perfect, the promo itself was solid gold and then you had frickin’ fireballs! The minute I saw this video I knew it deserved to win.

FatShady MBA Disclaimer: the Ric Flair promo that FatShady based his video on is one of my favourites of all time. And FatShady – you absolutely nailed the look and the attitude. I loved the interviews with the fans, I loved the mullets, and I especially loved the news bar along the bottom. Amazing job. Well deserved.

You guys both win either a 360 or a PS3. Again email me here and we’ll sort out the prizes.

Congrats to everyone. And you should totally take the time to check out all the entries below. You guys make me love my job.

Matt Key

Shane Quill


Corey Lee

The Stig







The Black Ninja’s Entry

FatShady MBA





Dead Poet




  • First off I am totally over the moon with this win. It is by far the most effort i have put into ANYTHING (including work i suspect) so i’m happy you ‘got’ what i was going for.

    I am not a fan of wrestling and on the day this competition was announced, i sat on the train on the way home watching youtube clips to get some idea of what to go for??? I will admit that after that, I think I, in some way ‘get’ wrestling now. So over the top but so much fun.

    I enjoyed making my entry and only after this did i get time to watch the others. There were some really funny entries so congrats to all the winners and im especially glad Fenil got one of them. I really liked his one!

    Thanks Mark for the comp. I tried not going too far (insulting you). I actually had much worse plans for Missile!. I realised afterwards that i was not nice to you so sorry.

    It was one of the most interesting and challenging comps we’ve had and i was impressed with the effort that went into them.

    I am however looking forward to a Haiku or limmerick next time.. ssssooooooo much easier!

    Again, good work all. Fun was had!

    • Grats dude. Knew you could win it given your impressive Kane&Lynch photo 😛

      Grats to all winners.
      Poor Loops o.O

      • haha – thanks mate, but hardly poor loops 🙂

        I still got a runner up and i’m stoked about that..

        as i said, next ps3 up for grabs i’ll win by a landslide 😉 LOL

    • Fatshady MBA (Macho Bad Ass)

      Once again, amazingly awesome effort, mate 🙂
      Those “blue screen” parts were just awesome!

      • Red screen actually. It was all filmed in my dining room which has a red feature wall. I was surprised how well it worked. I didnt erally get time to test it, so it worked better than expected.

  • Omg I can’t believe I actually won a prize! So many quality entries just kept coming in… Thanks guys! 😀 glad you liked my video!

    Sending an email off now 🙂

  • Massive congratumalations to you all! Many lols involved! Bad luck about the ps3 Loops, you’ll get there eventually! 🙁
    Great work G-Man and FatShady, 2 outstanding deserving winners! 😀

  • Lord Jeebus Christ, you guys either have way too much free time, or use it far better than I do.

    Congrats to the winners, and good work to everyone who entered.

  • Wow, I won. Thanks a lot Mark, I’ve sent off an email in your direction.

    Also, thanks for all the kind comments from everyone, and the people who subscribed to my channel on youtube. You helped me feel that looking like a fool for all to see was worth it.

    • If only there were three top prizes mate!
      Your poses/flourishes etc. knocked me off my seat.

  • I just lost it while watching G-Man’s entry I was laughing so hard I got into a coughing fit and needed a drink. Well done!

  • They are all just awesome. The cat mewoing in Loops vid was hilarious. Welbot’s “Oooohhh Yeeeaahhh” is perfect. I knew under preassure was coming in Blaghmans vid, but while he was bopping away, the hip hop fan within in me cried for an ‘Ice Ice Baby’ parody….
    Congrats to all 🙂

    • haha yeah… funny thing about that is that i was so stuck in the moment i didn’t even notice until i played it back on the computer after editing…
      That bloody cat NEVER STOPS meowing… god i wish we had a dog instead..

  • The Doctor is IN!

    Congratulations to all the other winners and a big thank you to all of the entrants, Kotaku Australia, THQ and wrasslan’ fans everywhere. WWWYKI.

  • The moment i have been waiting for all week!

    I am so stoked to have scored a runner up – thanks heaps mark, you bloody legend! lol

    Really.. thank you so much..

    Once i saw Fatshady and G-mans entry i knew my entry was a goner for sure lol… well at least in major prize terms. You guys really raised the bar, then broke the bar in two and proceeded to beat us senseless with the two pieces.
    Absolutely phenomenal!

    Especially chuffed that shady scored a win – couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    Enjoy guys! 😀

    Oh, and just be warned everyone, next ps3 up for grabs will be allll mine… muhhahahaha*cough hack splutter*

  • Now we need a G-man vs Fat Shady bout at the next Kotakumania!

    Congratulations winners, this was honestly, HONESTLY, better than the most recent wrestlemania. So good!

    • hahah thanks man 🙂

      I’m surpised mark didn’t say anything about his video game likeness, or Seamus’ expert commentary!

      • I thought that was awesome – I just didn’t want people to think that vid had influenced anything, since I had to judge purely on the promo vids themselves.

        • haha yeah, they were just little extra’s, after all 😛
          Had an AWESOME time with this one though 🙂

  • If the prizes hadn’t gone to such deserving people, Mark would be under attackby a horde of angry wrestlers right now 😛
    I’ve got to give it to you Pegg Leg, your braver than I thought.
    Congratulations to all winners too 😀

  • well done guys!! after watching several, i knew it was a waste of time entering.. shamed myself for nothing! :0

    Enjoy your goodies! well deserved!

    • aww Don’t be like that, buddy.
      Your entry was awesome! I loved it. No one nailed that wrestler voice like you did!
      NAILED IT!

      • hehe i didn’t mean to seem.. ‘like that’.. i’m not sore or anything.. even if I had won, I’d still be embarrased as hell 😉
        Still can’t believe the awesome job some of you guys did :0 Put my efforts to shame in a big way! I’m with Shady… more limericks and haikus needed 😉

        • thats what i mean.. don’t feel embarrassed… one of the greatest joys of life is making a complete nob out of yourself from time to time.

    • Personally I thought yours was brilliant.
      I know what you mean though. I filmed mine, then saw all the badass entries roll in and thought “Well… Now I feel like a douche…”
      All in the name of hilarity though! Glad I entered.

      Loops – You are one funny bastard.

      • yeah I always love to contribute just for the hell of it 🙂 Certainly keeps like interesting and pushes the creative juices around! Good excercise for the brain even if we feel a little stupid in the process hahaha

  • Congrats winners – there were some crackers in there.

    I am pissed that I ended up burning my carpet for nothing though!

  • Yahoo! Woo-hoo!

    Thanks guys! and Mark thank you! It was real fun putting the video together.

    Chuloopa I liked your humour the most!
    FS…well deserved man!

    • haha thanks man. .that means a lot. 🙂
      At least i got a nifty prize for it! 😀

      Your entry though… man, what a masterpiece.. epic, EPIC job dude 🙂
      congrats again

  • you mean mean man mr serrels, using my picture as the thumbnail for this post and discovering I won nothing !

    It’s all good fun, and very deserving winners, I hope to see more youtube comps in the future 🙂

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