Compendium Of Freaked-Out Reactions To Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Ordinarily, you toss a video like this on YouTube, and every comment shouts it down as fake. But anyone who's played indie horror hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent knows this guy's skin-crawling, pupil-dilating, sphincter-clenching, headphone-grabbing reactions are on the level.


    I was playing this not a week ago, and I was in the dungeons and the shadow fucker come outta nowhere and chased me down a corridor into a tiny store room. I nearly shat myself.

      I got the the same part, and I also shat. I thought he was gone, so I slowly peeked around the corner. When he stumbled back into the light form the darkness, I paused the game, sat in silence for 20 seconds, then turned it off.

      I really should continue playing that game.

    "get the fuuu-AAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    This game is on special at the Steam store for $9.99 US!!

    Just got it myself, should be great.

    I struggled through the demo, until I got to the part where an invisible baddie attacks you when you stand in water. At that point my nerves couldn't take any more, I quit and uninstalled.

    I purchased this game last time it was on special, played for a bit, and havent played since.

    I love scary movies and games, but also like being able to shoot the crap out of whatever jumps out at me.

    Thats fake. He's gay too.

    hahah trying to run while in the seat

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