Don't Download That Fallout: New Vegas Update Just Yet

A title update to the Xbox 360 version of Fallout: New Vegas, to prepare the game for the upcoming Honest Hearts DLC should not be accepted until a replacement update goes live later this evening, Bethesda Softworks said.

The update currently being served freezes gamesave data, making it unplayable. That's kind of a bitch, especially if you've put 40 hours of work into this.

Bethesda spotted the problem after the original update went live earlier today, then advised gamers to reject that outright. A playable update for English versions of the game should go live later tonight, Bethesda said. Updates in other languages will take a little longer. "When we have a better estimate of what that will be, we'll let you know," the studio says. The update will unfreeze any bricked gamesave.

Bethesda is posting updates on the situation at the link below; you can check in there. When the fix is reported we'll update here.

The Latest on New Vegas (Updated) [Bethesda Blog via The Escapist]


    It's not an update for the Honest Hearts DLC. It's an update of the game itself fixing previous issues, and balancing out the weapons.

    70+ hours for me! Only reason I never downloaded the patch is because I didn't want my Ghobi Sniper rifle to be gimped. Really shouldn't have to worry about that and save file coruption from a patch!

    ffs.... I love this franchise, but when will they not frak things up with flawed releases and updates?

    broken broken game...

    Yay more DLC to come:D, glad I didn't jump on New Vegas otherwise I would have downloaded the update.

    What a joke of a game

    I had 0 crashes playing on an Windows 7 X58 based system through Steam. 59 hours and no crashes is a pretty solid game I reckon.

    Patch is fine on PC I should mention.
    I believe it also lays some foundation for the upcoming Honest Hearts DLC.

    @femto Gimped Gobi?

    I love this game and I didn't have any problems with the patch...

    Just in case anyone didn't know, you can just delete the patch off your xbox 360 hd.

    The drawback is that it logs off xbox live now whilst playing new vegas but the save games are ok.

    Muppets... this should not have passed basic testing (won't load a normal save game on xbox 360, claiming missing DLC despite my never downloaded any for this game)!

    I love the game, but after the DLC/update screw ups from Fallout3 I decided not to bother with the DLC for New Vegas.... and this is exactly why.

    Was so disapointed when I finally did play New Vegas, I could see the game I love hiding somewhere behind all the buggy gameplay, but because of that I just couldn't put as many hours into it as I did the third

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