Don't Worry, Your PS3 Trophies And Friends Lists Are Fine

The thing most people have been worried about following the PSN attacks, and rightly so, are things like email addresses and credit card details. On a more trivial note, though, people have also been worried about their trophy data and friends lists. Well, don't!

Sony has come out today and said that both your trophy data and friends lists are safe and sound, and once the PlayStation Network is back up, they will be too. What's more, any singleplayer trophies you've unlocked over the past week will re-synch once everything's up and running as well.

As for friends lists, they're in no way affected. Nor will PlayStation Plus cloud saves, if you've got any.

Q&A #2 for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services [PlayStation]


    Thank god, for some reason one of the games I have platinum on says 0% so if it had gone from PSN too, it'd be completely erased.

    Link very related.

    I think this is what everyone has been worried about since the downtime; trophies. Good work Sony, my mind is at rest now.


    Thank god that my trophies and friends lists and other meaningless details have been saved! What a relief that they will still be there when the PSN comes back online. I mean, it doesn't matter that my name, address, date of birth and other revealing factors of mine have been stolen just as long as I have my game saves.


    yer but your credit card details not so good thanks sony :/

    Doesn't it concern anyone that they so readily talk about how the trophies are secure but they are so cagey about CC details?

    O yeah! Who gives a shit about credit cards and ID least my trophies are fine...

    Sony did some investigation and found all trophy data and friends lists were encrypted and stored securely. The credit card details however were however located on A shared network drive in a folder called "Credit Card Details - do not delete"

    Would you guys prefer another article talking about credit card fraud?

    I've read enough thank you.

    Good article, I too was worried about this, AFTER I canceled my credit card.

    This is *one* article about trophies/friends. The credit card/personal info aspect has been covered in great depth. Why the bitching?

    Thank god Sony put everyone mind at ease! Even though I am not a PS3 gamer I was worried sick about other gamers missing out on trophies/achievements and losing their friends list.

    Thank God Sony said something lol

    All the smart arse making comments like "thank god my trophies are fine, not that my cc matters" etc. They did tell you of that over a week before confirming trophies etc In other words they had their priorities right and worried about the personal details first. Also there is no evidence of credit cards being stolen at all at this stage.

    As Ben above said, Do you really need another credit card article on the psn, we have all been REupdated a million times. They are busting their bytt to fix things and the blame lies first at the hackers not Sony.

    Sure, my credit card details may be in the hands of the Russian Mafia right now, but hey, at least my Uncharted 2 Trophies are intact!

    WTFG Sony.

    Yeah, your friends list and trophies are safe because the hackers didnt delete anything, they just copied everything.
    Exactly the same as all your personal details and credit card details are still with Sony but they were all copied.

    You all seem to be missing the fact that it is an FAQ, which says to me that psn users have been asking about their trophies and friends lists.

    You all complain when they don't answer questions (which I did too) and you complain when they do, obviously people will be concerned about their trophies and friends list, as not everyone would of had cc details on their psn.

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